We are a week into the new NFL league year and the first wave of free agency has come and gone. As everyone knows, the Buccaneers will have a new signal-caller next season in Tom Brady which leaves former starter, Jameis Winston on the free-agent market. And, to this point, it has been all quiet on the Winston front despite leading the league in passing yards with 5,109.

At this point, it is unlikely he will land a Week 1 starting job… at least not yet. However, there are several teams that could be intriguing landing spots as a backup with potential opportunities on the horizon.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Are the Jaguars really married to Gardner Minshew? And, even if they were, wouldn’t it be wise to have an insurance policy now that Nick Foles is in Chicago? Furthermore, wouldn’t be incredibly fortunate to have that insurance be a former first overall pick who led the league in passing and threw 33 touchdowns a year ago? Winston and Jacksonville seems like the most reasonably fit for the former FSU star. It’s close to home and offers a potential starting role if the relatively unproven Minshew falters. In the interest of both, a one-year deal would work best and it could come at a reasonable price for the Jaguars who have around $20 million available in cap space.

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Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins seem committed to Ryan Fitzpatrick for the 2020 season and they still have 2018 first overall pick, Josh Rosen on the bench. However, are either of them better options? An argument can be made that Rosen still has potential and would be worth the investment. No argument here. But you certainly can’t say the same about Fitzpatrick who will turn 38 during the season and become a free agent in 2021. Much like with the Jaguars, Winston would offer the Dolphins an incredible insurance policy… if he doesn’t win the job in camp to begin with. For the first time in years, the quarterback hierarchy in the AFC East is up for grabs and this could give the Dolphins a leg up in a wide-open division.

Los Angeles Chargers

After moving on from their city in 2017, the Chargers moved on from their long-time quarterback, Philip Rivers this offseason. Rivers as since joined the Colts in Indianapolis and the Chargers are heading into the season with Tyrod Taylor as the presumptive starter. Anthony Lynn loves Taylor but no one envisions him as a long term solution at the position. Winston COULD potentially offer that for the Chargers. In addition, the Chargers still have a bunch of talent on the offensive side despite the departure of Melvin Gordon earlier this offseason. Keenan Allen, Hunter Henry, and Austin Ekeler are a nice 1-2-3 punch to start with.

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