NAME: Amik Robertson

POSITION: Cornerback

SCHOOL: Louisiana Tech

HEIGHT: 5’9”

WEIGHT: 175 pounds

In today’s Chiefs draft prospect profile, we look into a cornerback who has tremendous ball skills and a nose for the football. He has experience playing both inside and outside for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. Overall, his quickness and closing ability on routes make up for being a tad undersized. This player is a confident competitor who brings a physical style to the table. Now, let’s get things going with our breakdown of Amik Robertson.

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Cover Skills

In man coverage, Robertson is disruptive at the catch point. He is consistently staying with receivers deep down the field. His speed may not stand out as much on those kind of plays. But when he can fly up and make plays, Robertson stays at a comfortable angle in order to get his hand in the pile. While in zone coverage, he his quick to sink his hips and turn backwards. You can see his quickness and anticipation to work to the football here. Furthermore, Robertson impressed against shorter routes at or behind the line of scrimmage.


Robertson is a silky smooth player. His ability to slide and mirror with opposing receivers is balanced. From his play on the inside, Robertson has shown the ability to stick with guys on inside routes. For example, his quick twitch and active hips move quickly. To boot, his feet are springy and urgent. Having these factors, will help to mitigate the undersized stature if he sees increased reps on the outside.

Ball Skills

By far, the ball skills are the most exciting part of Robertson’s game. The way in which he attacks the football is vicious and aggressive. Can he become out of control at times? Yes. However, the more chances Robertson gets at attacking the football, the more opposing quarterbacks will become surprised and frustrated. His production does not matchup with the length that people are always looking for. If you just watch him play, you can see the consistent difference that Robertson makes for a defense.

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As we mentioned in the intro, Robertson is both confident and competitive. He will get after himself pretty harshly after giving up a big completion or dropping an easy interception. Obviously, larger receivers can create a list of challenges for this Louisiana Tech product. Robertson won’t hesitate to attack those challenges, though. The fiery style and ball skills combine to make a passionate player who will have plenty of opportunities to make plays on the football.


When you are looking for him to wrap up opponents, it is hit or miss. Some of this may be due to lack of strength or length. Yet, Robertson is a willing tackler when he wants to be. He does best, when seeing the play in front of him and flying up to make a tackle with momentum. In addition, Robertson’s ability to read and react stuck out on his tape. His quickness can help to make up for failing to get off of blocks against stout blockers.

Chiefs Fit

Amik Robertson projects best as a slot cornerback at the NFL level. It just so happens that the Kansas City Chiefs could use a new body in that spot. After losing Kendall Fuller, Robertson would be a welcome addition for defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. He could move him around the field, while also receiving plenty of opportunities to make plays on the football. Think of how Kansas City used the dime package in their hot streak late last season. That allowed players to hunt the football in the defensive backfield. Often, it led to confusion for opposing quarterbacks. Robertson has the attitude that the Chiefs defense is looking for, too.

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