NAME: Zack Moss

POSITION: Running Back


HEIGHT: 5’10”

WEIGHT: 222 pounds

In today’s Chiefs draft prospect profile, we look into a running back who can cut away from defenders or break tackles with ease. While having a physical style, this player has a natural feel of vision. His hands are also fairly natural. As we will talk about later, he takes great pride in protecting his quarterbacks. Now, let’s get things started with our breakdown of Utah running back Zack Moss.

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Overall, Moss is a very patient running back. He will hop and jump from one difficult angle to another. On a good handful of plays, Moss would pick up a plentiful chunk of yards due to weaving back across the other end of the field. Defenders get sucked up, and when they cannot bring him down, he was gone for a first down. He is already difficult to bring down. When you add in his ability to set opponents up to look silly, Moss becomes a problem.


It is obvious that Moss does not possess the speed of guys in this draft class, like D’Andre Swift or Cam Akers. However, he generates a good deal of acceleration when running around the edge or into tight angles. He hits a second gear when contact comes his way. Moss is a patient runner, which can work to his benefit. But at the same time, this can hurt him once in a while. Defenders that can get into the backfield quickly, catch Moss off guard and cut him down low for a loss of yards.

Feet/Change Of Direction Skills

Certainly, Moss has quick and active feet. He has great reflexes and recovery skills. Many plays where opponents come in and launch into his legs, he still stays upright and picks up more yardage. His hard, swift cuts have some added force with them at the point of attack. I think what was most impressive with Moss in this area, was how fluid his hips are. His hip sink makes him more powerful. Furthermore, he displays tremendous body control for a running back of his stature. For Chiefs fans, Moss reminded me a little of Kareem Hunt.

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To piggyback off of that body control, Moss has moments where defenders knock him off of his path, but then he will pivot back to where he was originally. His broken tackles are among the best in the class. Meanwhile, that dense lower half provides more opportunities to bounce outside and pick up steam. As a result, Moss is a punisher in zone rushing schemes because of his power and ability to absorb contact.

Pass Catching

This Utah back has natural hands coming out of the backfield. Andy Reid would love to employ in the screen pass game. In fact, I was actually very impressed with his route running skills and route tree. The options that teams would have to use Moss in the passing game are endless. If he can cut out those few reps where his eyes come off of the football, Moss will be fine.

Pass Protection

What stuck out the most in this area, was the awareness that Moss has. He continues to keep his eyes moving, looking for blitzers from any angle. He has great strength and pop in his punches. If there is a knock on him in pass pro, it would be that Moss’s feet can stop moving or become stagnant. But, Moss is physical and his passion here further displays his overall effort as a football player.

Chiefs Fit

Zack Moss projects well in a zone running system like the Kansas City Chiefs. Being able to use blockers up the field and into the second level like they do, could further accentuate his cutting ability with sharp angles. He has the ability to jump in right away with a complete skill set. Moreover, Moss has the versatility to run out wide and extend plays, or as a pass catcher on third downs. As I mentioned earlier, this prospect could bring back to the Chiefs backfield what they had with Hunt a couple of years ago.

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