Raiders 2020 Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Jerry Jeudy

Position: Wide Receiver

School: The University of Alabama

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 192 pounds


Route Running

Pure technician. No other wideout in this draft possesses such a diverse, thorough route tree. From the snap, Jeudy begins to bait the corner into an initial guess. When Ruggs runs a route, he runs them all with the same technique. As a result, receivers can’t camp out and anticipate. With that level of fluidity, he creates separation that will pay dividends both immediately and later on. The double move will net long touchdowns. Corners, especially aggressive ones will bite because of the sharpness of the first move. Once they commit, Jeudy is gone.


 When looking at this trait, like with most that discuss Jeudy, it’s all about nuance. Over the shoulder, Jeudy aligns his hands while keeping stride. Additionally, on the underneath routes, where contact is imminent, he extends away from his body. Jeudy gives his quarterback an ample window with YAC potential. At the next level, Jeudy must tighten the narrow vision while looking the ball in.


Granted, Jeudy does not possess the screaming explosion of former teammate Henry Ruggs. Yet, he shows the consistent ability to outrun defenders and not get tracked down from behind on long plays. Forget the 4.48 posted at the Combine. Jeudy plays with above-average speed with or without the ball in his hands.

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In analyzing Jeudy’s game, he jumps in his bag of quicks and unleashes an array of tools. During his route, Jeudy sets corners up with the ability to cut on a dime. Later, a double move will absolutely leave a defender lost and grasping for air. Meanwhile, after the catch, Jeudy weaves in and out of traffic, putting distance between himself and the defense.

Team Fit

The Raiders need a leader at the wide receiver position. For any credible critique of Derek Carr since the team traded Amari Cooper, he needs quality receiver help. The team gambled and lost on Antonio Brown. With a thousand reasons and none regarding football, the team failed to secure a top wideout. Entering his seventh year, Carr’s time as Raider could draw to a close. More importantly, with each passing year, the luster on Jon Gruden’s legacy fades. Especially for someone that some consider an offensive genius, the lack of wins makes that image absorb tarnish. Jeudy will give the Las Vegas Raiders a viable long-term solution.

Why Jeudy?

With all due respect to CeeDee Lamb, Jeudy should be the Raiders’ pick at twelve. Provided they don’t throw late free agency money at Robby Anderson, Jeudy looks like a no-brainer. The Raiders need a true number-one receiver, a difference-maker. Now, speed is not the only quality at play for a dominant wideout. As mentioned, Jeudy’d ability to carve out separation all over the field. More importantly, he immediately becomes the most technical wide receiver since Michael Crabtree.

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