The AFC East is up in the air for any team in the division with the New England Patriots taking a big hit in losing players to free agency, including Tom Brady. The blood is in the water and all three teams not named the Patriots smell it. The dynasty looks to be coming an end and now this is the perfect opportunity for either the Jets, Dolphins or Bills to go for the crown.

Based on last season and the progression in free agency, the Buffalo Bills are set up to make a run at the division championship for the first time since 1995. Ever since the Bills last won the division, the Patriots have gone on to win 19 division championships that are including 17 under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Well now, the two parties have divorced, the Patriots are getting older and have lost a bunch of key players from last season and will more than likely look towards Jarrett Stidham as the successor for Brady. The Patriots are going to take a step back in 2020 unless they get hit with some major magic. Unless that scenario happens, the Bills are in a great spot to take the reigns of the AFC East for the next couple years.

Although, just because the Bills are arguably the most built team in the division, the division still belongs to the Patriots. They are the top dog and the Bills should still be humble heading into 2020 because until they beat a Belichick-led Patriots squad, the Bills are still in the hunting stage rather than being the hunter.

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Keeping a Humble Mindset

One thing that can never be denied is that the Bills have been owned by the Patriots since Belichick and Brady started their tenure together. The Bills have only beaten the duo twice where Brady played in all four quarters (three times total, if you count the game where Jimmy Garoppolo stepped onto the scene in 2014).

There is no denying that the Bills have had a better offseason than the Patriots, but none of that matters until the scoreboard lights up. If the offseason mattered in a team’s succession in the season, than the Cleveland Browns, not Kansas City Chiefs would be the current Super Bowl champs

To be the best, the Bills have to beat the best. Right now, the Patriots are the best despite this past offseason.

The Bills are favored to win the AFC East in 2020 with their recent acquisitions and succession they have from their young and rising quarterback, but the scoreboard is what matters. It is time to start focusing on the Bills, and that starts with beating the team that almost guaranteed a season sweep over them since 2012.


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