With the madness in the world that is identified as COVID-19, the NFL Draft will still continue to take place on April 23rd through April 25th. How the draft will take place is still up in the air and there may be a change but as of right now, expect this once a year event to take place on time. The Buffalo Bills are one of the six teams who will not participate in round one, unless someone makes a blockbuster trade.

The Bills traded their first round pick to the Minnesota Vikings in the Stefon Diggs trade, along with their fifth and sixth round pick. With being rumored to take a receiver to solidify their receiving core, Brandon Beane pulled off a big trade to acquire their now number one receiver. Now they do not need to reach for a receiver in the first round.

The top receiver in this years’ draft, arguably, is Alabama’s own Jerry Jeudy and the Bills were in no position to trade into the top ten for a wideout. Along with the trade for Diggs, the Bills continued to go on frenzy in free agent signings. They signed potential starters and sealed in depth. Ranging from the offensive line all the way to the secondary on the defense, this team looks fulfilled compared to other clubs.


What Is The Next Move?

If the Bills want to help the development Devin Singletary, a compliment back needs to be brought in. The offense does have have T.J. Yeldon on the roster still and can still potentially sign Christian Wade as well, but do either one help Singletary this season?

The next move should be bringing in a back who can bounce off the success of Singletary and become the teams’ third down back.


Draft To Solidify, Not Fill a Hole

The fact that the Bills do not have any holes to fill for 2020 just shows how structured they have become in recent years. When you look at the depth chart, there is not a position that needs a desperate filling-in. Could they upgrade? Yes, but they will still with their system and the correct schematic players.

Different positions need solid depth, but nothing crucial where the Bills need to reach or hope that something falls into their lap. The cornerback position could use competition and depth for training camp. Josh Norman and E.J. Gaines are both on one-year deals. Levi Wallace has to prove he can be a number two on a one-year deal as well.

Who is going to be the compliment back to Singletary? That answer could come in the later rounds for the Bills. If the Bills are able to grab someone like a Jonathan Taylor or A.J. Dillon, there is the 1-2 punch for the running game.

The Bills are in a great position to lay back and relax during the first round and focus on the later round players. Beane has done a great job in finding productive players in the rounds since his arrival in Buffalo.


-Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage and covers the Buffalo Bills. Brandon can be followed on Twitter at @brandon_ray79. Make sure to follow @FPC_Bills for Bills coverage and analysis. 

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