Delay in Trent Williams trade could be part of bigger picture

The Trent Williams saga is clearly starting to wear thin on fans. So much so that the fan base just wants Williams out of the building and on another team. But, what if Ron Rivera is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers?

Waiting for draft day

We all assume that Chase Young is going to be taken by the Redskins at number 2 overall. What if the Redskins play all along is to trade back and accumulate draft capital and Trent is a part of that. No team truly wants to show their draft plan before they need to. That’s why we all jokingly call it “smoke screen season.”

The Redskins could be planning on taking Trent’s successor with a pick that they get in the trade back from 2 and then load up on more talent with the picks they acquire for Trent. If they trade back to 5, which is the most likely trade scenario, they are still in line to draft Jeffrey Okudah. Young could still drop to them at 5 in a real crazy scenario where the Lions want to sure up CB with Okudah and the Giants putting an emphasis on protecting Daniel Jones by drafting OT Tristan Wirfs. So how could this scenario look?

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Time to play the game

So let’s play this out if I may with a trade back scenario with the Dolphins thanks to the Pro Football Network draft simulator. The Redskins would receive the Dolphins number 5, 26, 39, and 173. The Cleveland Browns could likely trade one of their 3rds, number 97 and their 6th, number 187. This would give the Redskins 12 draft picks.

Here is what their draft haul could potentially look like:

5 (via MIA) – Jeffrey Okudah, CB
26 (via MIA) – Jalen Reagor, WR
39 (via MIA) – Josh Jones, OT
66 – Cole Kmet, TE or Adam Trautman, TE
97 (via CLE) – Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR
108 – Alton Robinson, DE/Edge
142 – Logan Stenberg, G
162 – Shaun Bradley, ILB
173 (via MIA) – Hakeem Adeniji, OT
187 (via CLE) – Corey Toohill, OLB
216 – Myles Dorn, S
229 – Lamar Jackson, DB

Right there from this potential draft you have 4 immediate plug and play starters (Okudah, Reagor, Jones, and Kmet/Trautman) with the potential of an additional 3 (Stenberg, Bradley, and Adeniji).

Yes, Chase Young is undoubtedly a generational talent that could put up Joey Bosa type numbers. But, this draft right here and holding the Trent cards close to their vest puts the Redskins closer to contention then their current situation.

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