The main focus of the Jets is the top of the draft, but good players come from all rounds, and that why the team should consider drafting Solomon Kindley to start at guard.

The top of the NFL Draft is always littered with talent, and the Jets are focused on many of the top players in the 2020 NFL Draft. However, in the middle rounds, there is a player who the Jets should target, and his name is Solomon Kindley.

The Jets did some work on their offensive line, but it’s not enough. Some would say it’s good enough, but the team needs a bonafide starting left tackle and someone who can play either center or guard because Connor McGovern could move to guard if they choose to go with a center.

Kindley played left guard for Georgia, and he could be a target for New York on Day 2 or Day 3. Let’s dive into Kindley’s strengths and weaknesses.


Kindley is a big, strong mauler in the run game. He uses his hands well and has good anchor. He’s also functionally athletic when it comes to moving to the outside. When it comes to pass protection, he’s solid. His footwork is good enough to handle athletic defenders on the inside, and it showed in the 2018 SEC Championship Game when he went head to head with Quinnen Williams.

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In sports, when you think, you lose. Kindley thinks too much rather than reacting based on what he knows. That can cause some footwork and balance issues. If he can learn to figure that out, he will be a good guard in the NFL.

One thing — his size — helps one of his biggest strengths, but it’s a detriment to one as well. He’s athletic, but he could be more athletic. He will need to slim his frame in the NFL to be much more of an athlete on the outside in the NFL.

Jets fit

With Le’Veon Bell at running back, having a mauler in the middle is important. Bell is a patient runner who looks for the holes as they develop, and Kindley’s ability to open the holes will only make the running game better. He will also help keep Sam Darnold upright, which is one of the main focuses in the 2020 offseason for the franchise.

Draft grade

Kindley is a third or fourth-round pick. He has the skills, but he needs to show that he can lose weight and still be the mauler in the running game.

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