2020 Packers Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Troy Pride

Position: Cornerback

School:  Notre Dame

Height:  5’11”

Weight:  193



Troy Pride has all the athletic tools teams look for in a boundary cornerback. Pro ready track athlete with really fluid hips and change of direction skills. No problem staying with different types of WRs because of his loose hips and good feet.

Football IQ/Mentality

His football IQ and route recognition is a plus. Pride understands the game and has experience in different types of coverages. He is best suited for off man or zone but he can also grow as a press man corner. Pride is at his best when plays are in front of him and is quick to react. He is feisty in coverage.

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Tackling/Run support

Pride isn’t the most willing to take on running backs. More willing to dive at the legs then square up and tackle. Not a major issue but could have more effort and better technique. He gets stuck on blocks from wide receivers and stops his feet. Pride needs to keep his feet moving through the blocks.


His coverage skills are not bad but he likes to play softer then need be. Pride needs to trust his skills and lock up on his assignment. At times he gets caught looking in the backfield and gets himself in trouble downfield. Because of that, Pride gave up some easy touchdowns last season. Needs to work on tracking the ball in the air and contesting 50/50 balls better.

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Why Pride for the Packers?

With some coaching up and experience, Pride should be a nice piece to Mike Pettine‘s scheme. He can excel when he keeps plays in front of him (zone and off man). Pride needs work in trusting himself down the field and polishing up his ball skills, but he has the athleticism to cover ground and stay in most wideouts back pocket. He is a gifted athlete that can play outside and has smooth hips to slide inside. He projects as a versatile depth player early with a chance to be a future starter.

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