NAME: Logan Wilson

POSITION: Linebacker

SCHOOL: Wyoming

HEIGHT: 6’2”

WEIGHT: 250 pounds

In today’s draft prospect profile, we look into a linebacker who’s instincts are extremely polished. His physicality and consistent tackling are there. In addition, this player’s coverage skills and anticipatory skills jump off the page. He is also a very controlled and smooth player. Now, let’s get things started with our breakdown of Wyoming linebacker Logan Wilson.

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Overall, Wilson has one of the best formed tackle attempts I have watched in this year’s linebacker class. He flies through opponents’ knees and lower legs. Additionally, Wilson has shown a tremendous ability to finish. His range and lateral mobility set him up well for controlled tackle attempts. On the other hand, opponents can have their way with him in space. Every once in a while, he can be too aggressive in flowing to the football and getting upfield. The patient ball carriers will need to have a strong plan in order to attack Wilson.


In this spot, Wilson makes his money off of plus read and react skills. He increases his opportunities by beating blockers to their own landmarks on the field. When reading blocks, he does fairly well to stay in his area. Opponents have hurt the Chiefs in past years with cutback runs. Wilson uses discipline and control to manipulate runners who love to use one cut to get inside and go for the home run hitting run. As we will talk about, Wilson has held many jobs on the field, which has made him better in the pass coverage game.

Taking On Blocks

His length allows beneficial opportunities to separate. Compared to other linebackers in the 2020 class, I believe Wilson optimizes hand usage and hand fighting just as well as the guys who are perceived as top prospects. When he lays the boom, it can be a major blow to blockers. Wilson is strong and brings a decent sense jolt to his punches. Like his tackling abilities, he brings a consistency where blockers just cannot seem to find an answer for him.

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Instincts/Football IQ

Besides having incredible read and react skills, Wilson fits the urgent style that Kansas City wants right now. His pre-snap recognition and communication with teammates helps lead to tackles for loss, takeaways and sacks. Wilson is patient and under control. Furthermore, he has a good feel for counters and tricks, in order to fake out or beat blockers.

Coverage Abilities

If you look simply at stats, you will see Wilson had plenty of ball production in 2019. But, there are is a good sense of strengths and weaknesses that show up on tape. Positives include, natural hands, good hip sink, depth and ability to read the opposing quarterback’s eyes. There are a few things that will take development, however. Being able to stick with receivers and consistently getting his head turned around back to the football, is come and go. Finally, Wilson can become overmatched by speed and size of receivers.

Chiefs Fit

Logan Wilson would be able to stick as an early down defender for the Kansas City Chiefs, as of now. His intelligence, combined with his effort, will help to all the other aspects of his game to show regularly. Wilson can play in many spots, on the weak or strong side. While I like his coverage abilities, he is likely better suited to play more zone coverage reps than in man. Let him sit in a spot and read the quarterback and receivers in front of him. Consequently, Wilson is sharp and his value increases for a team like the Chiefs. Given their depth, he can shine quickly.

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