2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: K’Von Wallace

Position: Safety

School: Clemson

Height: 5’11

Weight: 206 pounds



When breaking down his approach, Wallace barrels through the target, coiled with excellent shoulder and pad squaring. Next, he can improve his wrap aspect. on perimeter run plays, Wallace will occasionally slide to high on running backs. Now, with a fit of fine-tuning, Wallace will project as a hitter that will make ballcarriers and receivers alike pay dearly.


The deep part of the field doesn’t appear to be the ally that Wallace craves. With time, he could become comfortable in deep water. For now, the intermediate and short-area will put Wallace in a much better position to make plays. During his days in Death Valley, Clemson deployed him in the slot, box, and deeper sections of the field. While he possesses the reps in these areas, NFL teams need not to extend Wallace.

Ball Skills

Known as a thumper, Wallace developed better instincts for making the sound play on the ball. Not to mention, he looked comfortable with contested catches. While not blessed with a longer frame, Wallace does use his body as a shield to force the wideout to make the tough play.

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As a box safety, Wallace excels in playing downhill, straight ahead. Under those circumstances, he prefers to attack from a place of north/south. As a blitzer, he excels at getting into the backfield in a flash. When he sets his mind on the direction, Wallace runs with purpose and appears to actually appear much faster. Granted, he clocked a 4.52 at the Combine, yet he shows even more burst. When making plays to the sideline, Wallace takes a sharp angle.


Within this trait, Wallace will struggle with the shiftiness wideouts. In any event, in close quarters, in the box, Wallace shows capable enough feet and quicks to stay in proximity.

Team Fit

Outside of Erik Harris, the Raiders look thin at safety depth. Granted, they inked Jeff Heath this offseason. Yet, Wallace possesses better athletic ability. Now, he lacks the reps at this level. However, a coachable talent with a higher athletic set could become a bigger boon to the organization. Plus, when you look at Erik Harris up close, you can see a few flaws. First, outside of his interceptions, while outstanding, obscured the complete struggle in getting downfield with speedy receivers.

Why Wallace?

The Las Vegas Raiders need more. That is to say, behind the starters, especially in the secondary, depth does not exist. With Wallace, the team can wait until Day Three to draft him. As a result, Mike Mayock could unearth a diamond in the rough with no starting expectation. Meanwhile, Wallace could hang back, grab quality special teams/subpackage reps until the team calls his name. Lastly, Mayock shows an affinity for Clemson players (Ferrell, Mullen, and Renfrow)

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