The offensive line continues to be a need for the Jets, even with the upgrades, and Josh Jones could be a target of Joe Douglas.

There are a lot of what-if scenarios for the Jets at No. 11. The biggest one of all is if all of the top four offensive tackles are taken. Do they stay pat and take a wide receiver, edge rusher, or cornerback? Do they trade back? If they do, how far back do they trade?

Many fans of the team like Josh Jones. He could be a target for Joe Douglas if they should elect to trade down. Why would the Jets trade down? Let’s find out why.


Jones has many of the requisite skills. He’s strong like a bull, and he’s athletic. Jones has the power to handle bull rushes, and he’s got the movement ability head to the outside on zone runs. He uses his hands well and strikes are excellent. The abilities are what stand out the most, but there’s one major issue with Jones…

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His footwork is definitely a work in progress. Jones’s footwork issues lead to a lot of other problems. As a result of his footwork, he has balance, issues. Also, this is going to be a problem for pass protection, and he’s going to need a lot of work to correct his issues because he can’t just bully his way out of poor footwork in the NFL like he did in the American Athletic Conference.

Jets fit

The athletic ability is what makes Jones a perfect fit for the Jets. Adam Gase loves athletic linemen for his running game, and if he’s willing to move Sam Darnold out of the pocket, Jones would be a great fit for that as well.

Draft grade

Some Jets fans are down on Frank Pollack after the terrible performance of the offensive line last year. As Joe Blewett mentioned on his appearance on the Play Like a Jet podcast, it’s tough to judge Pollack on last year’s performance, because the players he got were already veterans with habits already entrenched, and that’s hard to coach out bad habits in one season.

Jones would be a dream pick for a guy like Pollack, who has the reputation of being a great offensive line coach. He’s a moldable player who has the necessary tools to succeed but needs a lot more polish in certain areas.

Because of his flaws, Jones is a high ceiling/low floor prospect. He has All-Pro potential or first round (if selected there) bust potential. He has a late first/early second-round grade. If he ends up in green, it will be very interesting to see what he becomes.

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