Tyler Ervin Returns to the Packers

Tyler Ervin will be back in Green-and-Gold. The Green Bay Packers are returning their primary return man from last season.

Ervin joined Green Bay late in 2019. He was their primary kick and punt returner for the final month of the regular season as well as in the playoffs. The Packers return game was severely lacking. Ervin’s arrival envigorated that aspect of the special teams.

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According to Ken Ingalls, Green Bay is utilizing the Veteran Salary Benefit on Ervin’s contract in order to save some cap space. This move allows them to save cap space without compromising the money Ervin is making.

Every team is allowed up to $1.25M in savings from the Veteran Salary Benefit to be used on a maximum of 2 players. However, there are limits to which player contracts this mechanism can be used on. First, qualifying players must have accrued at least 4 NFL seasons and not have been released at any point during those 4 seasons. Secondly, the contract must be a 1-year contract. Finally, the team can only use the Veteran Salary Benefit on a player returning to the team. In this case, the Packers were able to use it to retain Ervin.

Entering the 2020 season, Ervin will likely be atop Green Bay’s KR and PR depth chart. Even if the Packers bring in some camp competition, Ervin should begin as the favorite to win the main return job for week 1.

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