2020 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: Michael Warren II

Position: Running Back

School: The University of Cincinnati


Weight: 222 pounds


Run Style

Downhill, with aggression, describes Warren’s approach. While some attempt to slide from contact, Warren appreciates it, looking to gain yardage through violence. He plows through arm tackles, making defenders pay in the process. Warren will gain the tough yards in traffic, by bowling over defenses.


If you are looking for straight-line acceleration, Warren is your guy. Now, that is to say, that, he gets toward the hole without dancing. In the open field, he profiles as an average runner, speedwise. That really is not his game.


During his career as a Bearcat, Warren snagged fifty-one passes. Now, that number can be interpreted honestly as checkdowns. While that term evolved into a slur in the fanbase, Warren shows the manual dexterity to generate positive yardage, not placing his team in a disadvantageous position. Basically, don’t expect chunk yardage.

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Team Fit

Entering his second year, Josh Jacobs will hit the field, fresh. Despite all previous indications, the Las Vegas Raiders did not overextend him. Instead, through judicious management and an injury, Jacobs avoided the wall that Cadillac Williams ran into. The Raiders let the backups soak up some of the carries, allowing Jacobs to maintain his burst.

With Warren, the team can extend that idea into the future. By monitoring his snaps and allowing Warren necessary burn, Jacobs could remain pivotal in a late-season effort. Despite missing three games, Jacobs only took 45 percent of the snaps. More importantly, eighteen of Jacobs’ carriers occuring with four minutes to go, while leading. With Warren, the Raiders could increase that number by giving Warren a few of the first-half snaps.

Why Warren?

In Jon Gruden’smind, his running backs should mostly look similar and approach the game with a united mindset. Now, take Jalen Richard out of the equation. The Las Vegas Raiders see him as a third-down back, destined to catch dumpoffs. However, the space behind Josh Jacobs remains open. The Raiders would like to fill that spot with a back that exhibits similar characteristics. Warren, projected as a Day Three selection can easily slide into the backrub role, allowing Jacobs the occasional breather, perhaps scoring from a yard out. Any way you slice it, Warren’s size, aggressive approach, and power between the tackles gives Vegas the leg up.

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