NAME: Quartney Davis

POSITION: Wide Receiver


HEIGHT: 6’1”

WEIGHT 200 pounds

For today’s Chiefs draft prospect profile, we will conduct our first wide receiver breakdown. This player is surgical in the route running game. His deception can create plenty of yards after the catch. To boot, he can accelerate to faster speeds out of nowhere. Now, let’s get things going with our look into this slot receiver from Texas A&M in Quartney Davis.

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To start, Davis will need to develop a more consistent way to catch the football. He can struggle to pluck balls out of the air in contested catch situations. Meanwhile, his effort to attack the football and go up high is there. It is just more of a comfort thing for Davis, where he will learn to catch more with his hands and not the body. On the bright side, when Davis can control the catches over the middle, he does well to separate smoothly against defenders.

Route Running

On the other hand, Davis’ route running skills are likely the best part of his game entering the NFL. He is not just smooth here. In fact, his footwork can tie defenders up like pretzels. Davis seems to glide to the football and seemingly catches everything in stride. As we mentioned earlier, he displays a good sense of body control and balance. Furthermore, teams should appreciate Davis’ knack to keep driving up field, rather than trying to dance around defenders.

YAC Ability

Davis does not always work to step around defenders when the block or angle is there. However, his field vision and footwork give him opportunities to weave back outside from the middle of the field. Interestingly, the stop and start ability that Davis has shown gave opponents more fits than I anticipated. Having those chances to keep defenders guessing in space, has led to more looks or catches in the short to intermediate game. Overall, Davis will not blow you away here, compared to the other athletes we have seen enter the NFL recently. But his discipline, along with working hard on the finer points of the game, can get teams excited early on.

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Again, Davis will not wow you here. He is consistently sharp with his footwork and attention to detail, though. Davis can use quick steps to create more daylight in the open field. His releases are sharp as well. That aforementioned deceptiveness and ability to pick up acceleration quickly, allows him chances to pick and choose his way through tackle attempts.

Chiefs Fit

Even with the re-signing of Demarcus Robinson, it is not out of the question that Kansas City could still select a wide receiver in this year’s draft. And don’t forget that Sammy Watkins‘ status is up in the air. Quartney Davis has had success as a slot receiver in college and could do the same at the pro level. His finer points of the game are already well developed. In an offense like the Chiefs, where Andy Reid forces defenders to spread out all over the field, Davis would have more room to pick and choose after the catch. He has work to do in order to improve in certain areas. Nonetheless, Quartney Davis has the early upside and would thrive in a featured role with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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