2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Tipa Galeai

Position: DE/LB

School: Utah State University

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 235 pounds


Pass Rush

When Galeai gains weight without sacrificing agility, he becomes an issue. Now, he boasts quick spin moves, but with a wrinkle. Galeai will finish with a swipe to keep hands from locking on. Now, the weight will make a future bullrush and swim more effective. At tghis point, his draftable traits focus on his gaining weight in a relatively short time,


In short bursts, off the edge, Galeai gets even with tackles, before exploding by them. Equally important, his uncanny ability to close. Galeai makes up ground towards the ball. On the other hand, he presents an adequate longer speed, in space. Now, he could function in short coverage, due to his inexperience in deep water.


The footwork screams a foundation. Galeai, despite a lower-round draft expectation, will stun his coaches with how fluid his feet are. Not to mention, the latitude that gives him when eluding blocks or changing direction. Light-legged, Galeai keeps himself active within the destruction of a play. Slower blocker needs to immediately get their hands flush on his frame.

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With just enough pop, Galeai makes his presence felt at the point of contact. Granted, do not expect a lights out hitter. Yet, active hands and a fairly sturdy punch will generate turnovers. With 15-25 pounds, Galeai will see those numbers significantly.

Team Fit

Yesterday, the Seahawks signed Benson Mayowa away. If you are honest, Arden Key needs to end his tenure with the team. At the least, Galeai should give Key a run for his roster spot. Key does not own enough good faith playing collateral to maintain his spot. Entering his third year, Key amassed three total sacks. Yes, that’s right. Despite 823 total defensive snaps, he’s failed to get home with any consistency. Galeai may resemble Key physically, but he possesses a better feel and knack for the pass rush.

Why Galeai

The Las Vegas Raiders still need backend depth. Everywhere. Plus, Mike Mayok lives by the adage of having as many pass rushers as possible. With Galeai, that is what you will see. He gets upfield, heading towards the quarterback, On Day Three, Galeai easily slides into a situational role, with some special teams snaps. Meanwhile, in subpackages, he absolutely needs to get on the field. With his electric feet, Galeai needs to turn loose at the quarterback, plain and simple.

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