It’s still hard to believe that every league’s doors shuttered in North America and across the world over the last month. Furthermore, it seems like there is no light at the tunnel. At least not yet.

Given the circumstances around the globe, sports take a backseat. That is not to say that many people haven’t been impacted by these unprecedented actions. At the rate and uncertainty that COVID-19 has spread, it’s hard to imagine when leagues will start competing again and what long-lasting effect it will have from here on out.

Latest NFL News

NFL Free Agency offered us a bit of a respite from the new normal. Even for just a few days, most put the current state of professional sports in the rearview mirror. With that said, as it does during a normal free agency period, excitement (and news) eventually tapers off.

However, there are some events still going on. Wrestlemania 36, originally set for Tampa on Sunday, will be performed in front of an empty stadium at the WWE Performance Center. Raw and Smackdown have done the same thing over the last couple of shows. In addition, the NFL Draft is still set to take place in just a few weeks, albeit remotely.

There are probably a few other sporting events that are proceeding without an audience or behind closed doors and you can scour the sites here to see what you can still bet on. You won’t find any game odds for the major six sports but there should be odds for some of the other sports events.

Eventually, things will get back to normal. Baseball will be back. Football will fill our Sunday programming and the NBA and NHL playoffs will decide their next champion. When that happens is anyone’s guess and it may not mean the completion of the current season. At this point, it is just too soon to tell.

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