Name: Noah Igbinoghene

Position: Cornerback

School: Auburn

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 198



Noah Igbinoghene is blessed with all the physical abilities needed to succeed in the NFL. He possesses a stout build with track-like speed. Anytime Igbinoghene gets himself in trouble, he can make it up in a flash with explosiveness and speed. He can go from 0 to 60 in no time and has some of the best hips in the draft. His change of direction and ability to get in and out of breaks with wideouts is elite. Igbinoghene is strong and physical so he won’t get pushed around.

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Play Style/Mentality

This man is a competitor. Igbinoghene doesn’t shy away from a challenge. His play is in your face physical with an alpha demeanor. Know for his work ethic, he strives to be great and hone his craft.


Raw Technique

Igbinoghene came to college as a wide receiver and left a cornerback. He only has two years of playing defense so he is still growing and learning. He can take false steps and put himself in bad positions. Igbinoghene needs work on hand placement and press but he doesn’t shy away from any duties asked at Auburn.

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Play Recognition

Because he is raw, Igbinoghene is slow to process plays at times. In zone coverage, he can struggle to see what is in front of him. This results in him playing further back in the formation then he needs to, which leaves too much space underneath for opposing receivers to operate. Igbinoghene needs to work on route recognition and trusting his instincts.

Why Igbinoghene for the Packers

Born with a world-class bloodline, both of his parents were decorated, track athletes. Clearly, Igbinoghene has all the physical gifts teams love. With his strength and style, he can play on the outside but his smooth hips also allow him to play in the slot. Igbinoghene is still learning the position but the needle is pointing straight up. He will benefit from NFL coaching and a year in nickel and dime duty. With a relentless work ethic, he has the potential to be a sticky lockdown cornerback in his future. At the very least, he will be an instant special teams standout.

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