The Jets need a lot of work on the offensive line — despite all the moves — and Nick Harris would be a welcome addition to the interior.

The Jets have rebuilt the offensive line in the 2020 offseason, but it’s still a work in progress. The center position is really the only one that doesn’t unequivocally need an upgrade. The Jets should consider drafting Nick Harris to man the interior of the offensive line, and we’re going to take a look at why.


Harris is an athletic interior lineman that’s hard to move off his spot. His athleticism is top-notch. Harris can move with the best of them. He is good is space and recovers well when he needs to. Even though play strength is average, like Kyle Crabbs of The Draft Network said, he’s

…like a wrestler in the middle, very difficult to uproot or knock back onto his heels given how low built to the ground he is.

There are two very important things that are important to his game — his hands and pass protection. Both are excellent. He doesn’t lose grip once he gains control of the defender, and that means penalties will be limited. Also, he won’t get beat often in pass protection, and even he does in the beginning, he will reestablish and be hard to move (as stated earlier). Finally, his motor is unending.

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His length may be a problem when his ability to block all comers. Harris is good at establishing blocking inside the chest area, but if he needs to open up his 32 1/8″ arms (as measured at the Combine) may be a problem. That’s not something that can necessarily be fixed. It is what it is.

Jets fit

His athletic profile and anchor ability fit what the Jets are looking for. They need a player on the interior who can pull or play functionally inside and get to the second level. With Le’Veon Bell’s patience and Sam Darnold’s ability to throw on the run, Harris fits how the Jets should play, and it’s up to Adam Gase to use the tools at his disposal properly.

In addition to that Harris can play anywhere on the interior. That’s a plus, because Joe Douglas loves versatility, and Harris brings that.

Draft grade

Harris can go any point on Day 2. He could fall to the Jets at 48, 68, or 79. If they are able to land an offensive tackle on Day 1 — whether it’s at 11 or trading down — they should consider Harris at 48. It may turn out to be more prudent to get the interior upgrade then rather than wait. He will provide great value for anyone drafting on Day 2. Harris will be a mainstay (maybe not a Pro Bowler or All-Pro) on any line for years to come.

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