As if a matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the New England Patriots was not already one to see. Patriots’ cornerback and former Bill, Stephon Gilmore has put himself up as despised man to Western New York. Ever since joining the Patriots after his stingy tenure with the Bills, Gilmore has not been liked the Bills fans and he just went higher up on their list.

This all started when Gilmore went after Rex Ryan for his comments about Cowboys’ receiver Amari Cooper and his new contract in Dallas. After Ryan made it public that he would not have paid Cooper, Gilmore responded:

A fan in the thread on Twitter, tweeted to Gilmore about how he should focus on new Bills receiver Stefon Diggs. That tweet was responded by another fan saying “That’s light work” and Gilmore is one of the Twitter handles that liked the tweet.

There is no doubt to what Gilmore brings to the game every week, but Diggs brings something that the Bills have not had in recent memory, a true and reliable number one wideout. Diggs is arguably the best route runner in the game with unbelievable footwork that will test a corner.

Gilmore will get his chance at redemption at the Bills’ receiving core from Week 16 of last season after he was burned by John Brown in the third quarter that led to a 53-yard touchdown pass.

If you weren’t already excited for this game, now is the time. Diggs vs Gilmore. A preview matchup for the next couple of years in the AFC East.


-Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage and covers the Buffalo Bills. Make sure to follow Brandon on Twitter: @brandon_ray79.

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