2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Javon Kinlaw

Position: Defensive Tackle

School: The University of South Carolina

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 324 pounds


Pass Rush

What is there not to like? With long arms and power, Kinlaw brings a stout bull rush that stuns blockers. Following that, Kinlaw dips into his bag, unleashing an array of moves. Brute force and hand fighting are Kinlaw’s keys to success. More importantly, he must use the long arms to keep clean. On Sundays, Kinlaw will become a problem.


Kinlaw’s first step starts a chain of events. After that, he displays a real burst, barreling down on the ball. Shooting the gap, defeating tackles sees Kinlaw win with the ability to split the block immediately. At the next level, he will need to break down just a second. That is to say, streaking past the quarterback must come to an end.


Despite his massive frame, Kinlaw displays decent footwork. For example, he will shed a block to chase the ball by using a spin. He disengages and whirls around without wasted motion. Plus, winning on stunts gives offenses another thing to take into consideration.

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With grip strength and force, Kinlaw violently ends plays. By sheer force, he disallows yards after contact. Now, where Kinlaw can improve: quicker hands. With his talent, Kinlaw will get his chances to hit the quarterback. He needs to punch the ball out whenever the opportunity presents itself.


While many players emerge from rough backgrounds, Kinlaw uses it for motivation. Bouncing between homelessness and zero basic amenities, Kinlaw saw life at its ugliness. Between family deserting him and being abused, Kinlaw sees football as his way out.

Why Kinlaw?

If Kinlaw still sits at the twelfth pick, the Las Vegas Raiders need to draft hi. Granted, the team does need a wide receiver and a cornerback early. However, talent like Kinlaw doesn’t really fall too often. Yet, Mike Mayock realizes what the team needs. However, the potential drafting of Kinlaw would present a ripple effect throughout the difference. First, Kinlaw’s selection turns Maurice Hurst and the newly-signed Maliek Collins into backups.

The Raiders gain depth on the inside. Next, pairing Kinlaw with Hankins gives the Raiders a monstrous interior. As a result, Maxx Crosby and Clelin Ferrell will see more single blocking. Next, Kinlaw and Hankins will keep Kwiatkoski and Littleton clean, allowing them to remain active versus the run. Finally, with his push, the Raiders’ pass rush will arrive sooner, making the secondary look much better than what it actually is. Regardless of the need, Javon Kinlaw would immediately make the Las Vegas Raiders better.

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