Ron Rivera held a conference call with local media outlets today at 2:00 pm. The floor was open and no question was off the table. Here is some of what was discussed:

Trent Williams

  • They are talking, but Ron is not going to comment any further because Trent is under contract and still a Washington Redskin.

Dunbar and Nicholson

  • The Dunbar decision was based off of their meeting and as the situated progressed. Dunbar was looking for something they weren’t ready to give him. Because of that situation and how the circumstances and attitude didn’t change, they moved him.
  • With Nicholson, they felt a fresh start was best for the young Free Safety based on what has transpired the bast couple of years

Approach in free agency re: character players and talent

  • Looking at filling needs
  • Bringing in Thomas Davis because he knows what Ron Rivera wants to do culturally and still plays at a high level with veteran leadership
  • Jon Bostic can be a leader and has the tools to lead the linebacker group
  • Kendall Fuller who has position flex whether it is on the outside, inside, and can even play free safety in a pinch
  • Sean Davis is a guy they like at free safety and can match very well with who is already in the secondary
  • They looked at guys who are on the cusp of becoming a solid starter and have time to develop them

Concern with not being able to work with the team

  • Ron was concerned as he went through something similar with the lockout nine years ago. A different set of circumstances, but can find a way to work through it.
  • The best thing they can do is work with guys virtually.

Concerned about draft process

  • Ron mentioned he watched CBS Morning News today and said that they are going to have to approach it similarly to how they were with anchors in various locations.

How close did you come to signing Amari Cooper and Austin Hooper

  • Amari was someone they chased very hard until the end. Talking about substantial amount of money, but at the end of the day he did what was best for him
  • The Redskins weren’t really in it the way it has been portrayed by the public. Once the money climbed very high, they decided to move on from Hooper.

How did you decide on health of guys like Ronald Darby and Sean Davis

  • Ron believes that they have had success in terms of being healthy when on the field and can be on the cusp of taking the next step.
  • With Darby, he has a great skill set and a quick twitch. They are going to give him an opportunity to be successful and sounded like they will utilize his strengths.

How do you set this draft board without the usual research process

  • They have to rely on the scouts who have been watching players the last three years. Ron has a deep trust in Kyle and the college scouts.
  • The Redskins need to be really smart about finding guys that can fit into their system.
  • Ron continued to praise Kyle Smith over the past couple of drafts.

Kyle Allen experience with playbook

  • Will be a good competition w/ Dwayne
  • Held himself in the same room with Cam
  • Concerned about doing the best job he can whether it is as the starter or back-up

Regards to TE, how do you feel about that position. Is the starter on the team?

  • There is a lot to explore
  • In this system you’d love to have a guy with Greg Olson capability
  • Logan Thomas they see some glimpses of that athletic ability
  • Richard Rodgers had success in GB w/ Aaron Rodgers
  • Multi personnel offense and go with 1 TE, 2 TE, 3 TE type of offenses

What’s RR sense of the TE group in the draft and target early?

  • It is a position RR wants and could target them
  • Feels there are some other positions in this draft that would fit other needs as well
  • Comes down to what’s available in the rounds they have picks in

Thinking behind a wind range of guys on 1-year contracts

  • Opportunity to prove it for those players
  • A lot of times you offer guys a little bit longer contract and feel like they might all of a sudden over perform it and think about it too much
  • Need to fill the void by bringing in some of the guys they have and they are ready to compete

There’s been a lot of conjecture about Snyder’s involvement in FA, can you describe the role of Dan in the first couple of months?

  • RR talks with him daily or every other day about what’s happening
  • Biggest thing he’s asked is that he is informed and just letting RR and company do their thing
  • Has been a good relationship and not here to impose his will, but to make sure they have the tools to do their jobs.

Reuben Foster and Alex Smith updates

  • The last time RR saw them they were right in the middle of their rehabs and working hard.
  • Alex is one of those guys that is driven and bringing Kyle in is a little bit of insurance.
  • Reuben did a good job while RR was around and saw him. The one thing they are doing right now is not counting on anyone they don’t know about yet.

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