Name:  Jeremy Chinn

Position:  Safety/Defensive Back

School:  Southern Illinois

Height:  6’3″

Weight:  221 lbs.


Scheme Versatility

Jeremy Chinn is a unique prospect that can fit many roles. Evident by his combine numbers, the combination of his size and athleticism allow him to be a chess piece in any system. Chinn has the speed, fluidity and ball skills (13 career INT) to play single-high safety or other off-ball roles. He can also move out to the slot and play man coverage. Furthermore, his explosiveness and power let him drop down into the box as a strong safety or even a cover linebacker.


Flying across the field like a missile and exploding into ball carriers, Chinn is a sure tackler. Teams will be comfortable playing him close to the line of scrimmage with his hammer-not-the-nail approach. On top of that, he has a nice assortment of blitzing skills. With his ability to get skinny and dip his shoulder, Chinn is able to terrorize opposing quarterbacks.

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Chinn was injured during his time in high school football. and that led to him flying under the radar and landing at Southern Illinois. Being the man among boys most Saturdays, he thrived in the FCS. However, not playing against NFL talent will inevitably hurt how teams evaluate Chinn. How much remains to be seen.


While Chinn is well versed and scheme friendly, he does lack some instincts and processing plays. When he is tasked to attack and play in a vacuum he excels. However, when the plays are developing around him he can get lost in the trash. Chinn needs to learn how to read and react and take better angles. There are talented receivers across the NFL. Chinn will need to elevate his mental game to succeed at the next level.

Why Chinn to the Packers?

Jeremy Chinn has the potential to be that 3-down chess piece teams Mike Pettine loves. It’s all about matchups and Chinn’s traits can take that strategy away. Green Bay loves to run one true linebacker, and Chinn can come down in the box on early downs or work against tight ends. Both have been a thorn in the Packers side for what seems like ages. Chinn would add an athletic hybrid element to a defense that has been trying to develop Oren Burks into that role. With Chinn’s sure tackling and ball skills, the Packers could deploy an aggressive style of play to go with a relentless pass rush.

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