2020 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: Kindle Vildor

Position: Cornerback

School: Georgia Southern

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 191 pounds



During his career in Statesboro, Vildor routinely found himself playing equally well in zone and man. First, in zone, he doesn’t panic, operating his zone. While gives a little ground, he traces and anticipates routes before passing them off. On the other hand, in man, Vildor does not shy away from gambling. He will step in front of a ball, ensuring the play is a boom-or-bust proposition.

Ball Skills

With outstanding reach, Vindor looks confident with his ability to knock the ball away with a late poke. If the opportunity to make the interception, he makes the sound play. From any angle, the former Georgia Southern standout can earn next level steps with timing and the ability to adjust.


Vindor keeps pace with wideouts. More importantly, he closes well under short routes. On deep passes, look for Vindor to run with opponents. Shorter strides need to lengthen versus twitchier wideouts.

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While Vildor shows commendable quicks, the focus needs to be on his leaping. With his height, you’d expect taller wideouts to give him fits, leaping over him with relative ease. Meanwhile, Vildor displays bounce when elevating. As a result, he remains viable on 50/50 balls.


Despite his size, Vindor wills his way into contact. Now, he will not obliterate anyone. However, Vildor shows the ability to make the pack. Yet, his size limitations will hurt him with running backs.

Team Fit

The Las Vegas Raiders will see a slew of opponents that will attempt to spread them out. As a result, the back end of their subpackages requires an upgrade in talent. Granted, Vildor won’t see snaps in a base defense. Yet, those crucial snaps, while facing four wideouts, necessitate coverage depth. With a Day Three selection, the Raiders can renovate their CB room in parts. Granted, they will attempt to land a starting quality corner earlier. In Vindor, the upgrades continue. Chances are, Vindor will see the majority of his spots versus in of the slots.

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