The Atlanta Falcons had announced on Tuesday that their reveal of the new uniforms would be on April 14th. This would be the first new look for the franchise in 17 years. Unfortunately, a leak surfaced the internet and the timeline changed. Wednesday morning the Falcons unveiled the new designs, confirming what had been released the day before.

Many anticipated the Falcons to return to their roots and go back to black. As a result, that is exactly what they did with an all-black primary and an all-white road concept. These jersey concepts consist of a home, away, alternate, and throwback design that can create up to eight different combinations. The new helmet is satin black with a metallic foil decal, a chrome face mask, and the logo is 30% larger. Initially, when I saw the leaks I was disappointed. I thought that they were trying to do too much; however, when they revealed the action shots my perspective changed.

The Meaning Behind the Design

The thing that I’m most disappointed in is that somebody had to ruin it for the team. There is no doubt that several hours went into the creation of the new uniforms and the action shots that went with them. But, let’s not take away from what they accomplished with the new uniforms and why the ideas behind them have much more meaning.

The “ATL” on the front of the jersey is what represents the city of Atlanta, the stripe along the side is what represents the red feathers on the logo. The helmet was the exclamation point on the uniform by taking the swagger and bling of Atlanta and infusing it into the design of the helmet and logo.

I’m looking forward to seeing these uniforms in motion. The action shots certainly got my attention and now I’m ready to see them live. The Falcons returned to their roots and they brought the culture of Atlanta with them. This is what the fans wanted and what the team has needed for some time now. It’s a true Atlanta Falcons design that brings us back to how we truly remember them.

Let’s not pretend that they look like the Georgia Bulldogs anymore.

Rise Up!

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