NAME: Bryce Hall

POSITION: Cornerback

SCHOOL: Virginia

HEIGHT: 6’1”

WEIGHT: 200 pounds

In today’s Chiefs draft prospect profile, we will look into a long, physical presence at cornerback. His ball skills are exceptional in all parts of the field. Unfortunately, an ankle injury cut his senior season short in 2019. Could that be a blessing in disguise to land him in a better place come draft time? If he is selected by Kansas City, that could very well be the case. Now, let’s get things started with our breakdown of Virginia’s Bryce Hall.

Coverage Skills

In man coverage, there is aspects to like and dislike from Hall. He does a good job of sticking to the receiver’s hips and flashing solid movement on inside or deep routes. Additionally, Hall has shown a good sense of recovery ability. But, does it end happening to often? He can get caught watching the quarterback’s eyes too often. As a result, Hall loses track of his landmarks in regards to opposing receivers. Making smooth transitions is also a work in progress.

Meanwhile, Hall displayed a comfortable feeling for route concepts and coverage spacing in zone coverage. I would say his positives in those moments include, the timing to close on routes, while also having plus length to break up passes.


Overall, Hall does not present the most fluid or smooth footwork in this cornerback class. His balance helps to mitigate advantageous or unnecessary steps. Furthermore, the intelligence that Hall carries on the field helps to keep in safe position to make plays. Again, Hall’s transitions are developing. Teams will need to find ways to shore up those agility and tight hip questions.

Ball Skills

Due to how Virginia runs their defense, Hall received plenty of opportunities to make plays on the football. He led the nation with 21 pass breakups in 2018. Generally, he locates the ball well. It just looks so easy for him when the ball reaches the catch point. Hall uses body control, length and awareness to put himself in position to disrupt plays. His route recognition comes naturally. And it maybe should not come as a surprise, as Hall was a former wide receiver, before converting to defense.

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Definition of a “football player.” Hall has a scrappy and infectious style at the cornerback position. At the core, he is humble. However, Hall will not hesitate to bring a sense of edge against opponents on the field. His size also helps to limit how much bigger skills players can push him around, if any. The bottom line is, Hall is imposes an intimation factor.


There is some come and go in this area for Hall. When he is able to fly in the open field, he is smart to set himself up and come in low. There are moments where Hall will use his upper body to rock ball carriers back. But, many missed tackles came because there seemed to be a sense of confusion. At times, Hall looks unsure of whether to go low or high. While that can be worked out at the NFL level, his length and healthy tackle radius will still be enough to make constant stops.

Chiefs Fit

Bryce Hall only played six games due that nasty ankle injury. While his rookie season may play out differently because of that, he showed enough to still see the field early. In Kansas City, Hall would excel in the cover 3 scheme or dime package. Let him show his strengths with the ball skills and long arms, while developing as a press man coverage corner. There is some good reps there on his tape. Though, the Chiefs would not have to rush him in that spot. Finally, a player of Hall’s intelligence does so much for teams when planning for the long term.

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