2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: AJ Terrell

Position: Cornerback

School: Clemson University

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 195 pounds



When watching Terrell, how he handles press and off coverage, catches attention. During off coverage, he will trace the route with more of a sharper tact. That is to say, Terrell uses his instinct and timing to stay in front of the wideout. There’s a natural flow and easy flow to his approach. Meanwhile, in press, Terrell shows the aggressiveness and toughness that coaches crave. With his jam, he will use quicker jams and shoulder positioning to win. However, Terrell needs to remain mindful of his positioning. Occasionally, his hands will rise too high. That gives the ability to swipe away without delaying his timing.

Ball Skills

Stats, in combination with film paints a contrasting picture. In his three seasons at Clemson, Terrell did manage to snag six interceptions. However, the thirteen passes defensed, strike and opposing tone. Yet, film leans heavily in Terrell’s favor. Long-limbed and angular, Terrell will get those long arms and length into the arms and chest of opponents.


Despite timing with, Terrell needs a better acceleration. Whether its processing or anticipation, this aspect needs to improve. When he gets moving, Terrell’s long strides eat chunks of ground.


Decent hip flip and flexibility saves Terrell from the occasional misplay. He flashes the ability to open the game, depending on route, regardless of depth.


For Terrell, this aspect remains his most concerning. Basically, a lack of proper technique, sees Terrell out of position, not driving his hips and lowering the shoulder. Sound coaching remedies this hiccup.


After the National Championship, people questioned why Terrell declared for the draft. Joe Burrow and LSU torched Clemson, including Terrell. yet, through that poor game, he decided to enter. Like a true corner, Terrell forgets the past and focuses on the next play. That confidence cannot be overlooked.

Team Fit

Only Trayvon Mullen is the only corner that presents any sort of issue for wideouts. The team tried and failed to sign Ali Apple. In hindsight, the Raiders lucked out. Now, looking at the depth chart, the team does not currently employ another starting-caliber corner. With Terrell, the Las Vegas Raiders check all of their Mayock boxes. A tall, rangy corner that can excel in either press or zone. Next, everyone knows the affinity Mike Mayock has for Clemson talent. Look for him in the first round or early second.

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