One of the more positive things to come out of this worldwide pandemic is the incredible generosity we have seen from the sports world. Between owners and players, those with the means to do so have done an incredible job assisting in any way possible as our planet deals with these unprecedented circumstances.

Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans and new quarterback Tom Brady are just the latest to throw their support to the Tampa Bay region.

According to the Buccaneers’ official website, Evans and the Mike Evans Family Foundation have donated $100,000 to COVID-19 Relief with $50,000 committed to the United Way Suncoast to help relief efforts in the Tampa Bay region. Per the report, the money will go to assisting nearly 31,000 households around the Bay area.

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In addition, having just arrived in Tampa, new quarterback Tom Brady and wife Giselle Bundchen have donated 750,000 meals to help feed adults, children, and senior citizens around the Tampa area.

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In these trying times, there is a lot of uncertainty, however, before they make magic on the football field, Brady and Evans are making it off the field as their generous donations will go a long way in helping many families in the Tampa Bay region who have been adversely impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

We are not sure when football and life, in general, will return to normal but at least some families can sleep a bit easier.

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