2020 Raiders Draft Prospect

Name: Chase Claypool

Position: WR

School: Notre Dame

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 238 pounds



If you look at Claypool’s production at all three depths of the field, his ability to catch the ball looks to change. Shorter patterns will require a quick stab and transfer. On the other hand, intermediate routes see Claypool shield corner with his body, like a power forward, boxing out smaller opponents. Also, deeper patterns find Claypool trying to work the contested catch. At the next level, hand confidence and consistent drilling will see a uniform upgrade.


Now, most larger wideouts either lack speed or need several steps to build up. Yet, Claypool demonmstates fluid strides and the ability to escape downfield. With a presumably better quarterback, that should see Claypool play even faster. Although his speed looks strsight-linish, the trait should carry him.

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Claypool will not win with jump cuts or elusive moves. Granted, no one expects him to. In contrast, don’t discount Claypool’s athleticism. Vertically, he easily rises above corners on 50/50 balls. Watch the verticality at work. Throwing the ball anywhere near him will see that leaping ability.

Route Running

With his frame and bulk, some of the smaller, twitch-laden routes can cause Claypool problems. His leg length will struggle with the complex routes, Meanwhile, the intermediate and deep routes will take full advantge of his size. From the snap, Claypool cannot dance after the snap, Not to mention, his release from the jam remain important.

Team Fit

The Las Vegas Raiders desperately need another outside receiver. Granted, Claypool may appear edundant to Tyrell Williams, he actually profiles as a bit different than potential teammate. While both resemble big play threats, Claypool’s explosion will keep him far from Williams, in that regard. However, Claypool plays to his size. Jon Gruden loves big, physical wideouts that will fight to get open. If the Las Vegas Raiders don’t draft a wideout on the first day, Claypool presents a mid-second day selection.

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