The Falcons opened up the off-season with a fury of free agent signings. One of those acquisitions was the 2x All-Pro, Todd Gurley. Returning back to his stomping grounds after his release from the Las Angeles Rams.

Gurley has vocalized his excitement about returning back to the state of Georgia, where he played college football. He mentioned as well that he intended on changing his jersey number, giving hints of 21 or 23. Gurley wore No. 3 at UGA, but league rules prohibit him from doing that.

“I know 21. I can go down there like Prime Time. Like 21 maybe, 23..” Gurley told Chris Long on the Green Light podcast.

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Now that the Falcons have revealed their new swag, Todd Gurley has too. He’s going Prime Time in 2020.

The number 21 is iconic for the Atlanta Falcons. It has been with the likes of Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, DeAngelo Hall, and most recently worn by Desmond Trufant. Todd Gurley will be the next great Falcon to represent the number in the A. The new jerseys will release to the public on Tuesday April 14th at, be sure to check them out!

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