Dwayne Haskins Prepping However He Can

The lead up to the draft can be a precarious time for fans. Especially in these times of COVID and social distancing. Fans can stray and clamor for more from athletes of their favorite teams. Wanting to know what they are up to and how they are preparing for the upcoming OTA’s, training camp, and season.

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One thing we do know, OTAs are not happening. Training camp could be cut short or even cancelled. So, what is the home town franchise quarterback doing? He recruited one of his offensive weapons to workout with him in a mostly responsible social distancing manner.

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Some fans have gotten on Derrius Guice and Haskins about why there are no photos of them working out (individually) or studying the playbook. Guice explained to one fan that they were not allowed to have access to the new playbook at that point and time in the calendar. Additionally, those same fans have had issues with Guice and Haskins not posting enough pictures working out and too many of them playing video games or bowling. I am pretty sure they don’t have to post pictures every time they work out and still being putting in the time.

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One thing is clear to everyone. A healthy Guice and another year in the NFL, with a head coach that actually believes in him, for Haskins will allow for him to take a huge step forward in becoming something that the Redskins have needed for decades. A franchise quarterback that can lead this team consistently to the playoffs and even a Super Bowl. Despite what some local and national media talking heads want or believe.

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