With the NFL Draft just a week and a half away, the Buccaneers sit comfortably at pick 14 with most folks believing an offensive tackle is squarely on their radar. There is a chance that one of the ‘big four’ tackles falls to the Bucs at 14 but it is certainly no guarantee. Especially considering the process leading up to this year’s draft. With limited workouts and lack of real face time with prospects, teams may put more value in the sure thing than in years past.

Now, according to Albert Breer, the Bucs are one of three teams looking to trade up in the first round. Likely guaranteeing they are able to select the tackle they want. With just 13 teams ahead of them, their options are limited. Especially when you cross the Bengals and Dolphins off the list as they are teams looking for a quarterback and/or offensive tackle themselves. In addition, it will likely mean moving ahead of the New York Jets, who sit at the 11th overall selection.

So, who could potentially be a trade partner with the Bucs?

Jacksonville Jaguars (Pick 9)

Entering the Top 10 would almost guarantee the Bucs will get a choice of at least one of the top tackles on the board. However, despite moving up just five spots, this could be costly for the Buccaneers. Jacksonville owns a pair of first-round picks, so moving back may not impact the Jaguars plans all too much as they begin the Gardner Minshew era in northeast Florida. However, pressure from other teams like Denver, who are also looking at tackles, may drive the price up.

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Theoretical Trade: Buccaneers receive the Jags first-round pick (9th overall) and fifth-round pick (157th overall) in exchange for Tampa’s first-round (14th overall), third-round pick (76th overall), and fifth-round pick (161st overall).

Cleveland Browns (Pick 10)

Sitting just one spot behind the Jaguars, a swap with Cleveland would also almost assure they have their choice of the big four tackles. In addition, assuming the Bucs are willing to give up their third-round selection to move up, it would be a fairly easy swap for both teams… assuming the price doesn’t rise with other teams looking to move up to draft a tackle.

Theoretical Trade: Buccaneers receive the Browns first-round pick (10th overall) in exchange for Tampa’s first-round (14th overall), third-round pick (76th overall).

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Arizona Cardinals (Pick 8)

As costly as it would be to move up the Jags 9th overall pick, it will drain even more draft assets from the Bucs to move up one spot ahead of the Jags. However, depending on how badly they want one of those tackles, it may be necessary. Especially with the Broncos and Jets breathing down their necks.

Theoretical Trade: Buccaneers receive the Cardinals first-round pick (8th overall) and third-round pick (72nd overall) in exchange for Tampa’s first-round (14th overall), second-round pick (45th overall), and fourth-round pick (117th overall).

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