2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile
Name: Bryan Edwards
School: University of South Carolina
Position: Wide Receiver
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 212 pounds


Edwards, when right, secures the ball with confidence. However, the quality remains up in the air. Edwards needs to attack the issue with a bit more discipline. He is exciting with the ball. Now, he needs to complete the first step. Basically, his problem starts with the mechanics. Drops can be a timing flaw. Edwards must get his hands up sooner, complete the catch before gobbling yards. Like a baseball swing or jump shot, making a catch is a technical task.

Route Running

Edwards need a bit more zip at the snap. He shows the strength to discard the jam and continue his path. Meanwhile, he must lengthen the longer routes, some. During his time, his routes took him directly into the teeth of he defense.


Although, he will not streak by defenders, Edwards gait gets him to speed. On vertical routes, Edwards generates enough burst to give corners headaches. With the ball, He appears to gain speed and vision, naturally finding him way downfield.

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Subtlety remains the name of the game with Edwards. He uses solid, but much shorter cuts in space. With this strategy, Edwards doesn’t overcommit himself to false moves. In return his approach to nimbleness resides on the calmer side. Measured approach.


Despite playing receiver, Edwards runs to contact. In the open field, he finds defenders to truck. At the NFL level , most corners don’t want those kind of problems. Edwards is a fighter in traffic. He shows zero reticence with an approaching safety.

Team Fit

In his third year during his second tenure, Jon Gruden longs to put his indelible stamp on this team. As a result, a player like Edwards should enthrall the Las Vegas Raiders. Gruden preaches, to anyone that cares to listen, a sense of toughness and feisty nature. Edwards embodies that grind. From the snap to whistle, he plays with a palpable sense of ferocity. Gruden desires receivers with the ” Dawg Mentality”. That is to say, receivers that fearless ply their trade, regardless of opponent, situation or occasion. Derek Carr needs a wideout that he can trust. Plus, the Raiders need to built the receiving corps. In some ways, Edwards reminds some of a larger version of his former former teammate, Deebo Samuel.

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