2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Josh Pearson

Position: Wide Receiver

School: Jacksonville State University

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 205 pounds


126 catches, 2066 yards, 30 TD


Conflict catches display Pearson’s next level skill. That is to say, regardless of situation, he will take contact and still make the grab. Whether that nudge or bump on slants or that jump ball, count on Pearson to win those.

Route Running

Whomever drafts/signs Pearson will inherit an unrefined talent in this respect. However, he is worth the future intensive coaching. When watching Pearson through the patterns, you see the athleticism. Now, what he needs to do is tighten up the basics. The cuts on shorter routes need balance. Pearson occasionally doesn’t break down under control. On the other hand, on the deeper route, when speed and natural talents take over. At the next level, some lucky and patient coach will work with him.

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Without delay, Pearson drops his shoulder, lifts the knee and streaks upfield. With the ball, the story does not change. Pearson won’t lengthen his stride, he doesn’t really need to with his explosive first step. With that, he gets into the chest of the corner. Once, they’re even, Pearson will blur by the defender.


Despite his long frame, Pearson uses nimble footwork to sell the outside route. Additionally, Pearson immediately slips behind on screens. With the ball in the air, Pearson excels vertically, turning 50-50 balls into 70-30 passes.

Team Fit

At the backend of the rotation, the Las Vegas Raiders lack defined athleticism. Granted, Rico Gafford resides on the roster. However, much like Johnny Holton before him, the Raiders did not bother to use him often. Whether that’s Derek Carr’s indecisiveness or not, remains to be seen. Yet, Pearson, late on Day Three makes sense. With hi toughness, combative nature, mixed with his speed, Pearson could excel in spread formations. Subpackage defensive backs should not worry him. With his size and speed, Pearson could give the Las Vegas Raiders a threat that teams may never expect. If he sharpens the route running, Pearson will be quite the steal.

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