The Miami Dolphins’ 2019 season was a bit of a disaster with having a tremendous number of ups and downs.

It lacked any signs of life for the first month and a half of the season and just about any kind of consistent presence on either side of the football. It wasn’t until the duo of wide receiver DeVante Parker and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick made their grit known in the latter half of the season. 

2020 NFL Draft Main Goal

With the fifth overall pick, and two additional picks in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, Miami should be focusing on finding another consistent starter to lead on offense.

Let’s Rewind

Since having traded away running back Kenyan Drake in late October of last season, Miami has lacked a consistent starting back. The Dolphins rotated through six backs who saw snaps during the season and had even more signed to the active roster. 

J.K. Dobbins Makes the Most Sense

With the 2020 NFL Draft happening from Commissioner Roger Goodell’s basement, there’s a number of prospects that the Dolphins could choose from. However, one back stands out as a near-perfect fit.

In just three years at the collegiate level with the Ohio State University Buckeyes, with 4,459 rushing yards and 796 receiving yards, J’Kaylin “J.K.” Dobbins is a 21-year-old record setting running back. 

In 2017, as a true freshman, Dobbins ran for 1,403 yards. He also holds the current OSU record for rushing yards in a single season after his astounding 2,003 yards in 2019. The previous record was held by 1995 standout back Eddie George who rushed for 1,927 yards.

With an explosive runner like Dobbins in the backfield, Miami could use him as a nice pairing with newly acquired free agent back Jordan Howard

Why Miami Needs to Address the RB Position

Having had a very disappointing season in terms of the run game, the Dolphins found their leading rusher in their QB. The 37-year-old Fitzpatrick had 243 yards on the season, making Miami just one of three teams in the NFL to have its QB lead the team in rushing last season. The team as a whole ran for less than 1,200 yards, making it safe to say that the Dolphins could use a runner to take charge in that half of the offense.

Can You See the Vision?

Dobbins may not provide the best pass blocking in the industry, but with his outside vision and fancy footwork, there’s a chance he could make some moves between Miami’s lackluster offensive linemen. Ideally, the Dolphins will also improve their OL with some of their 14 2020 draft picks to make that possible. 

Dobbins also has the abilities to bail out his quarterback in some crucial situations with his outlet receiving and the effort he puts into short yardage plays. His build allows for him to be more of a brunt force that can power his way through the tackles, instead of a shifty, quick-foot who relies on making special plays. 

It’s possible Miami could find it necessary to pull the trigger on guys like Jonathan Taylor or D’Andre Swift who are scouted just slightly above him, but it doesn’t seem as though the Dolphins have liked guys in that mold as of late.

With head coach Brian Flores leading the team in a new direction, we have already seen how much of “the old” he has thrown out the window. Going with a brunt, physical force to move the ball and sustain drives may be the final cake topper for Miami’s turn-a-round. 

The final plus? Dobbins likely wouldn’t cost one of Miami’s three first round picks like Taylor or Swift might. It allows the Dolphins to address other apparent needs on both sides of the football this way.

Kayla Morton contributed to this article.

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