2020 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Van Jefferson

Position: Wide Receiver

School: The University of Florida

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 200 pounds


Route Running

The consummate route craftsman, Jefferson wins with his ability to create space with the purity of his routes. The knack for finding holes is a creation of his timing. Yet, even when faced with the threat of a jam, Jefferson prevails off the line with quicker hands, preventing the defensive back from steering him away in that play. Despite his angular frame, Jefferson uses these routes to shield the defender from the ball. For example, on slants, watch his entire torso turn, presenting a total target area and denying the defender. Additionally, Jefferson’s hands and shoulders tell lies. Meaning, he’ll fool corners into anticipating a route, planting their feet, the guessing wrong.


The son of a former NFL receiver should possess great hands. Yet, Jefferson offers nuance and catch angles that will make defenders edgy. When Jefferson sees the opportunity, look for the sudden stab,

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Never counted on to operate as the deep threat. Jefferson eats chunks of yardage. His stride stagnates and generate decent, but not great acceleration. However, the ability to surgically carve routes, adds perceived speed. The daylight will hurt defenses.


Van is the son of longtime NFL receiver and current position coach, Shawn Jefferson. Under those circumstances, Jefferson’s immersion in football started early. With that, his aggressive nature and need for the ball.

Team Fit

The Raiders will inevitably pick at least one wideout before they consider Jefferson. That player will slide into their top two. As a matter of fact, the wide receiver corp still needs a complete overhaul. Outside of Williams, Renfrow, and their inevitable top pick, the group lacks any discernable difference. Behind the aforementioned three, Derek Carr can’t rely on a fourth or fifth wideout to jump open in a spread set. Equally important, what happens if any of the top three suffers an injury? Jefferson profiles as a fourth wideout in this offense. However, his route-running will allow him to push for more playing time. Honestly, Jefferson could Renfrow from the slot, if he impresses coaches with his expected stellar routes. The Las Vegas Raiders, need talent like Jefferson, to spread the defense. Jefferson feels like a third-round pick. Fortunately, Las Vegas boasts three of them.

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