The Super Bowl winning Tight End is freed from Chicago

The Chicago Bears have designated Tight End Trey Burton as a post-June 1 cut. With the way the Tight End room has been assembled thus far, could he be a fit for Washington?

Based off of what Head Coach Ron Rivera has outlined for what he is looking for from his players, Burton could be.

Trey is coming off of an injury plagued 2019 and was eventually put on injured reserve in November dealing with groin issues. Burton tallied 84 yards on 14 receptions in his final year in 2019 and prior to that he tallied 569 yards and 6 touchdowns on 54 receptions.

Burton is known in Philadelphia who threw the Philly Philly pass to Nick Foles in Super Bowl LII to beat the Patriots.

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How Burton Fits in Rivera’s Vision

With his sudden injury history, Burton will be looking to show that he can stay healthy and contribute for a full 16 game slate. While his ceiling is likely to be a TE2 on any other roster, he could likely win out the TE1 spot on a one year prove it deal. Burton was also known in Philadelphia as a team first culture type of player. These are all things that Rivera has preached he wants in his players. Especially in 2020. While Redskins fans are wanting to jump on every free agent that gets released, this one makes the most sense. Pending what ends up happening a week from today in the draft, I would advocate, and not be surprised, for Burton to be signed and vie for a starting spot. He would be an ideal target for Haskins that can help move the ball down the field, run block, and allow for McLauren and company to free up over the top.

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