To bet the over or not bet the over, that is the question

Caesars Sportsbook came out with the over/under odds for the 2020 NFL season yesterday and man are they daring Redskins fans to have faith in new Head Coach Ron Rivera.

Even with the new regime airing out that was the equivalent of a sweaty 12 year-old prepubescent boy that was the Bruce Allen era, Vegas does not like the chances of the Redskins improving too much on their 2019 record.

Caesars over/under win total for the Redskins is 4.5 while having them as 150-1 odds to win the Super Bowl, 60-1 odds to win the NFC, 22-1 odds to win the NFC East, and odds to make the playoffs +850 yes and -1500 no.

People might laugh at this with how there is a more mature and professional set-up happening in Ashburn. However, we may forget that Vegas had the Redskins winning three games last year.

There is a reason why there are so many hotels and casinos in Vegas. The house knows more then we are willing to recognize sometimes.

So, with the news of this over/under prediction I decided to go over and take a look at the Redskins opponents for 2020 and see where we stand as of 5:00 PM on April 17, 2020. This is broken down by who the home and away opponents are since the schedule as not been released.


Cowboys – L

You can typically throw away records when the Cowboys come to town. The Redskins will keep it close but just aren’t there yet to reclaim home field advantage against their rival.

Giants – W

There’s no way the Redskins will go winless in the division and this is the game that will make it that way.

Eagles – L

This will be a knockdown drag out game whether it’s early or late in the season. The Redskins are a year or two from really having a handle on dominating the mean green birds of Philadelphia. While it could be a surprise victory at FedEx, I am not totally banking on it as of today.

Ravens – L

The Ravens will be on the hunt to redeem their early playoff exit last year. They will bring their fan base down I-95 and show the Redskins are not ready to hang with the heavy weights in what will likely be the ugliest loss of the year for the good guys.

Bengals – W

Even with Joe Burrow this team is bad. I will be shocked with a capital ‘S’ if they lose this game. It’s the closest thing to a guarantee as there is in the NFL.

Rams – L

I don’t think the NFL scheduling makers would put both west coast teams at the 1:00 PM EST slot. With McVay coming back to D.C. for the first time this makes sense for a likely primetime game. The Rams still have the goods to get back to the playoffs. McVay’s offense will prove to be too much for the Redskins defense. The golden boy will get the win in his return to FedEx Field.

Seahawks – W

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Either the game against the Rams or Seahawks will likely be a 1:00 PM EST kickoff time. We all know that west coast based teams struggle with that start time. Between that and a Seahawks secondary that might be a little overrated heading into 2020, give me the Redskins to surprise some with a win.

Panthers – W

If a divisional game isn’t the home opener, my money is this being it. Rivera will have his boys ready heading into FedEx against a really, really bad Carolina Panthers team that will likely be taking for Trevor.

Projected Home Record: 4-4


Cowboys – L

The Redskins have had more bad play then good in Dallas over the last five years. That bad luck will last until this year.

Giants – L

Rivera and Jack Del Rio will have the defense better prepared this season. However, they will still struggle with covering Evan Engram who will continue to dominate every chance he gets.

Eagles – L

Either an early game with little time on the field to prepare or a late game with the division on the line for the Eagles. This game spells disaster either way with a revamped Eagles secondary and receiving corp.

Cardinals – W

This one could be a coin flip and go either way. However, I think the Cardinals defense is worse than the Redskins offense and the addition of DeAndre Hopkins won’t be enough.

Browns – L

The Browns are a wild card on the schedule this year. This is going to be a boom or bust team with the talent they have on offense and scheme they want to run. The Browns could be fighting for their playoff lives and a focused Baker Mayfield finds a way to squeak out a win at home.

Steelers – L

Mike Tomlin. Ben Rothlisberger. Juju Smith-Schuster. Steelers defense. Game in Pittsburgh. The Redskins aren’t quite there yet and lose on the road at Heinz Field.

49ers – L

The team that loses in the Super Bowl tends to have a hangover. Kyle Shanahan isn’t your typical head coach though. The 49ers should still be finding themselves in position to repeat as the NFC Champions and this is one of those games they will win on their march back to the playoffs.

Lions – W

The Lions weren’t terrible last year until Matt Stafford hurt his back. But, there is no guarantee Stafford won’t see regression in health or a reinjury that sidelines him either during this game or for a majority of 2020. The Redskins will steal one on the road.

Projected Road Record: 2-6


With everything tallied up, and maybe a little generosity with one of the games, this leads the Redskins to having a projected record of 6-10 and scoring the over against Vegas. The record will be there record, but Dwayne Haskins will take a big step forward in his sophomore season which will leave encouraging signs going into 2021.

Projected 2020 Record: 6-10

*Disclosure: I am not advocating to gamble or putting money on a wager one way or the other. If you have a gambling problem, or know someone that has a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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