Looking at his recent offseason moves, it seems that Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace is admitting some of his mistakes and is trying to change them.

There seems to be an air of change blowing through Halas Hall. Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace appears to be trying to rectify some of the mistakes he’s made since he came to Chicago.

Pace has had some hits in the draft. He brought in Eddie Jackson, Cody Whitehair, and Akiem Hicks, for example. He’s also had his misses like Adam Shaheen, Dion Sims, and Kevin White.

Pace continues to catch grief for his misses. Because of their struggles, fans continually bemoan picks like Mitchell Trubisky and Leonard Floyd. They also complain about Pace being stubborn and trying to stay with players who just might not work out.

At his end of the season press conference, Pace said the Bears would go into the season with Trubisky as the starter. He also said that while Floyd’s sack numbers failed to meet expectations, he thought his quarterback pressures and his rush defense were great.

With those two players struggling in 2019, fans disliked hearing those statements. They felt it was the same thing all over again.

Pace isn’t as tied to his choices as many thought

Well, things look like they’ve changed. Pace appears to be admitting his mistakes and is now trying to fix them. Funny how your attitude changes when your job is on the line.

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After his statement about Trubisky being the starter, Pace went out and not only got a quality backup but also a backup who could actually take Trubisky’s job. He traded for Nick Foles, a former Super Bowl MVP who just so happens to have connections with the Chicago Bears coaching staff. Now Pace says there will be a quarterback competition. His support for the embattled quarterback is slipping. He’s now open to having Trubisky lose the battle and end up on the bench.

After complimenting Floyd, Pace went ahead and traded for Robert Quinn. Because of that move, Pace cut Floyd.

Afterward, Pace shocked many by cutting tight end Trey Burton. He could’ve waited until next season and save more on cap space but he decided that he couldn’t move forward in 2020 with him.

By parting ways with Floyd and Burton Pace shows that he understands how important this offseason is. If the Bears fail to make it to the playoffs again heads, primarily his, could roll.

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Pace’s moves show that he isn’t stuck on the choices he made. He’s acknowledging the mistakes (without actually mouthing the words) and making corrections. Quinn is in for Floyd and Graham is in for Burton (though we should expect for Pace to draft a tight end).

WIll Pace make the ultimate correction?

The biggest move Pace made was drafting Trubisky. While being open to having him lose his starting job, is there another move Pace makes? Is he open to trading his guy?

The Bears could get more draft capital by trading for Trubisky. Yes, he struggled in 2019. He still has talent, however, and there’s always a coach out there who thinks he can fix someone and transform him.

The Bears have no third or fourth-round picks. If they can find someone who could get them there, Pace needs to pull the trigger. Look at the New England Patriots, for example. They have three third-round picks. Pace could persuade them to give the Bears one of them so Belichick demonstrates his genius by helping Trubisky.

Former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long thinks along the same line. On a recent episode of Da Windy City Podcast, he expressed his thought that Trubisky’s days in Chicago are numbered.

Long answer short, the writing is on the wall for my friend No. 10. We are potentially going to see him in another jersey in years to come here sooner rather than later. I think Nick Foles was brought in to be the starting quarterback. There is no real secret there.

As you see, the whispers keep getting louder that perhaps Trubisky is the latest mistake Pace intends on fixing. Trading Trubisky helps both parties. The Chicago Bears receive needed draft capital and Trubisky gets an opportunity to develop somewhere else.

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