NAME: Devin Asiasi


SCHOOL: University of California, Los Angeles (transferred from Michigan)

HEIGHT: 6’3″



Devin Asiasi is a lesser-known tight end prospect who is projected to go in the third-to-fourth round. He is a vertical tight end who is a lot faster than one might expect him to be at his weight. After one year in Michigan, he transferred to UCLA for two seasons. His only year of high-level production came in his 2019, but despite the lack of catches, his playing style and athletic ability pique the interest of many scouts.


Oftentimes, the 40-yard dash can make or break a player’s draft stock. Asiasi ran a 4.73 but plays much faster on tape. His stock may have dropped at the combine. To the scouts that see his value, though, this could make him more likely to go to a team that gives him time to develop. Asiasi is able to use his speed to get separation even when he lines up out wide and is covered by a cornerback. After the catch, he uses his quickness to evade tacklers like a much smaller receiver.

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At the top of his route, Asiasi can be very aggressive with his hands to gain separation. He struggles to catch in traffic, but this will likely improve with repetition. He has the potential and size, after all, to develop this trait into a strength. His strength and size should allow him to be a reliable blocker as well.


Currently, Asiasi is average when it comes to blocking. He has a ton of potential, but he’s a little sloppy with his both his footwork and his approach. He’s able to sustain blocks and get the job done, but there is room for improvement. Again, NFL coaching will help him considerably.


Using a wonderful combination of size, strength, and speed, Asiasi is a threat in the open field. He shows good decision making and uses his physical abilities to break tackles. The former Bruin will also avoid defenders with his speed and underrated hurdling ability. Lastly, he is lethal after the catch and is not easily arm tackled.

Colts Fit

The Indianapolis Colts parted ways with Eric Ebron this offseason and are somewhat thin at the tight end spot. Running a lot of two tight end sets, they need to start looking for the next Ebron to play opposite Jack Doyle. There is a lot of Ebron in Asiasi’s playing style: maneuverability after the catch, long speed, and the ability to create mismatches with his athleticism. Asiasi would be the perfect replacement, and Doyle would surely teach him a few things to improve his blocking technique. Asiasi also shows great effort and character, which is something Chis Ballard loves to have in the locker room. The Colts should look for Asiasi in the third or fourth round. He would be a great fit.

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