NAME: Prince Tega Wanogho

POSITION: Offensive Tackle

SCHOOL: Auburn University

HEIGHT: 6’6″



Prince Tega Wanogho is yet another late-bloomer who fell into football after initially pursuing other sports. Wanogho played basketball in high school after moving from Nigeria. He initially worked out with the football team to stay in shape in the off-season, but he soon garnered enough attention to earn a scholarship from Auburn. After starting his collegiate career as a defensive end, Wanogho switched sides and became a three-year starter at left tackle. He may need further time to develop, but he brings superb athletic ability and a nasty demeanor to the field. The former Auburn Tiger should hear his name called on day two of the draft.


Wanogho’s best trait is his ability to move fluidly. He has mirrored elite pass rushers in the SEC, which should ease his transition to the NFL. The twitchiness with which he gets into his pass sets is an indicator that the professional game will not be too much for him. Beyond just his quick feet, Wanogho can load and fire his hands in the blink of an eye. While he is hardly a finished product, he has the requisite skills to succeed as a pro.

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Finishing Ability

Wanogho shows no hesitation in getting his opponents on the ground. Once there, he often lands on top of them as a simple reminder that he’s there. Even more impressive is that he drops these defenders face first in pass protection, rather than run blocking (think Quenton Nelson). Wanogho utilizes what is known as a “snatch and trap” technique. This entails using a pass-rusher’s extended arm(s) as leverage against him, then forcing his momentum to carry him either off of his rush path or straight down to the ground. It is a high level pass blocking skill.

Pad Level

The biggest drawback to Wanogho’s game is his height. While many offensive tackles are at least 6’5″, the best ones know how to play much lower. Wanogho, perhaps due to his inexperience or perhaps due to his past on the basketball court, struggles with playing too high. As a result, his run blocking is not as effective as it could be. He is not a bad run blocker, but he is far from a devastating run blocker. Learning how to play low and behind his pads would improve his overall game exponentially.

Colts Fit

Anthony Castonzo is built similarly to Wanogho: both are tall, long-limbed, and lean. Castonzo survives on pristine technique, whereas Wanogho relies upon his athletic ability. A year or two learning behind Castonzo would do wonders for Wanogho’s career. It would also provide the Colts with a talented swing tackle while he learns the ropes. Not to be understated is Wanogho’s involvement in the Senior Bowl. Even though he didn’t play in the actual game, he surely met with Colts personnel in Mobile, where Chris Ballard loves to scout players up close. Lastly, Wanogho is a friend and former college teammate of current right tackle Braden Smith. If the draft breaks right for the Colts, Wanogho could be available as late as pick 75 in the third round, at which point he would make an excellent addition to an already stellar offensive line.

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