NAME: Cole Kmet


SCHOOL: University of Notre Dame

HEIGHT: 6’5″



Cole Kmet is the largest tight end in the class. At north of 250 pounds and standing 6’5″, Kmet moves better than one might expect him to. Notre Dame has had quite a few tight ends drafted in recent years, and Kmet is the next man up. While some people believe he has first-round talent, not many believe he will be selected on day one. Most projections have him in the second round or later because of the talent at other positions. Offensive tackles, wide receivers, and cornerbacks are predicted to fly off the board during the first round.  If the Colts want to solidify their tight end position, they should look at Kmet with their second pick in the second round (44th overall).


Kmet has sticky baseball gloves for hands and naturally catches the ball away from his body. He has a great catch radius because of his size as well. Almost like a black hole, any ball that comes near him gets sucked in. He always secures the ball into his body, which is something coaches and scouts like to see from a tight end. That ingrained instinct will help him win contested catches and rip the ball from the defender. He also has great concentration and the ability to maintain possession through contact. A reliable set of hands almost always finds a way to produce in the NFL. Expect double digit touchdowns from this guy if he goes to the right team. Kmet is an ideal end zone target; lob it up on a fade, and he’ll come down with it.


Kmet is built like a superhero. His long frame could still manage to add some muscle and weight in the NFL, which increases his potential. He uses his physical ability to block and to push forward after the catch. He may not be as elusive as a lot of receiving tight ends, but he’ll get extra yardage by shoving his way downfield.


There is room for growth in this aspect. Kmet is not yet a dominant blocker, but he has been good enough. He uses his large frame to get the job done, though that won’t be enough at the next level. Understanding how the game is played, he blocks more smartly than physically. Keeping his assigned defender from getting the tackle will require better positioning and strength. Kmet is also a film junky who will work to maximize his potential.


On film, Kmet is able to consistently sell a fake block and rip past defenders for a touchdown. This isn’t the only way he finds separation, but a skill like that will help him greatly in the NFL. Kmet is also surprisingly fluid at the top of his route to gain separation. He likely won’t find as much space against elite defenders, although he should still pose a threat here.

Colts Fit

Kmet is a versatile prospect. He can line up out wide against a corner, play as a fullback, block off the line, and consistently contribute in the passing game. Sounds like Jack Doyle, doesn’t it? Whatever team selects him is getting a smart player who gives full effort in all aspects of the game. Philip Rivers has had a lot of success in his career throwing to tight ends, and Kmet would fit well on the Colts with a creative coach like Frank Reich. Reich and Rivers would maximize his potential by using him in multiple ways and throwing the ball his way often. If he is available at pick 44, and the Colts want to solidify their tight end position, Kmet is a safe pick.

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