The New England Patriots need a new starting quarterback for the first time in two decades. That’s right, twenty years.

During the past two decades, Bill Belichick has been the head coach of the Patriots. In fact, Belichick was hired on January 27th, 2000. In 19 out of the 20 years, Belichick had the same starting quarterback in Tom Brady, who Bill Belichick drafted April 16th, 2000.

Fast forward to April 2020. The Patriots find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Tom Brady left town for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, leaving the Patriots very thin at the quarterback position. Tom Brady’s replacement could come from the 2020 NFL Draft.

Here’s the complete list of quarterbacks Bill Belichick has drafted with the Patriots.

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The Patriots have certainly relished some success in drafting quarterbacks since immediately striking gold with the Brady pick. Matt Cassel was the next quarterback to see regular-season action when he stepped in week 1 of the 2008 season after Brady suffered a season-ending ACL injury. He helped lead New England to an 11-5 record, but they fell short of the playoffs. The Patriots took Cassel in the seventh round and eventually traded him and linebacker Mike Vrabel to the Kansas City Chiefs for the 34th overall pick in the 2009 draft.

Ryan Mallet did not get much of an opportunity in New England. However, he did win his first career start as a member of the Texans. Mallet has a career record of 3-5 after short stints with the Texans and Ravens.

Jimmy Garoppolo is the most talented QB the Patriots have drafted since Brady, and he probably would’ve been the team’s next franchise player if Brady hadn’t continued to win Super Bowl titles into his 40s. The Patriots had to choose between either moving on from Garoppolo or keep him for the 2018 season with the franchise tag. The Patriots elected to trade Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers in 2017 for a second-round pick.

Brissett was a respectable third-round pick in 2016. He started two games and went 1-1 in 2016 while Brady was serving a four-game suspension from the Deflategate scandal. The Patriots eventually dealt him to the Indianapolis Colts in 2017 in exchange for wide receiver Phillip Dorsett. Brissett would become the Colts’ starting quarterback in 2019 after Andrew Luck retired.

The Patriots currently own the 23rd pick in round one of the draft. Barring any trades, the Patriots won’t be on the clock again until No. 87 in the third round. If they don’t select a quarterback in the first round, keep an eye out on players like Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts and Georgia’s Jake Fromm. Both of those quarterbacks are projected to get drafted in the second or third round of the draft.

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