After grabbing A.J. Epenesa late in the second round, the Buffalo Bills stayed put at number 84 and selected Utah running back Zack Moss. The Bills needed to grab themselves a complimentary back to Devin Singletary and they believe that Moss is the missing piece in the running game. Listed 5’9″ and 223 pounds, Moss is almost the same size as Singletary but serves more as a north and south runner.

Moss brings more of a bull-running trait to the Bills backfield and is not afraid of contact. When the weather in Western New York starts to get a windy chill, running the ball is going to become crucial and some of that pressure will be taken off of Singletary. He should be seen as the third down back for the Bills, which is one of his specialties in his game along with catching passes out of the backfield.


How Does He Fit?

The Bills add Moss as another weapon to light the scoreboard, something they are still trying to work on as an offensive unit. Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll will be able to work with Moss and the run scheme that the Bills run. He will not be the main back, but he will be featured during games on third downs and in the redzone. That is what the Bills need for Singletary.

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Moss will be a complimentary back for the offense and serve as a versatile weapon in both the run and pass game. As far as the pass, he has the athletic ability to play as a receiver and run like one. For the rushing attack, he is the opposite of Singletary which is a perfect fit. Singletary is the agile back who can juke and spin his way out of a tackle. Moss has the same ability, but would rather feel the contact.

The Bills needed more than just a loose back, they needed not only agility but someone who can lower their shoulders without hesitation. That someone that they believe fits that description is Moss.


Overall Thoughts

Is it J.K. Dobbins or Jonathan Taylor flashy pick? Not at all, but Moss was a very productive player, who rushed for over 1,000 yards in three seasons out of four at Utah. Sean McDermott is all about culture fit and productivity. Moss comes into a culture that is all about team-first. I think that the Bills needed to get a running back and they were patient and it worked out in their benefit.

They found a fit who will not be a full time starter, but will produce on the field and complete a task when called upon.

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