With the 68th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select…

Name: Ashtyn Davis

Position: Defensive Back

School: Cal-Berkley

Versatility is a calling card for New York Jets general manager Joe Douglas. That’s precisely what the team will get with new defensive back Ashtyn Davis.


Much more than a Safety

Much like Jamal Adams, Davis brings a lot to the table: speed, ball skills, and versatility. He will be able to be a Swiss army knife for Gregg Williams’ defense, and, along with Jamal Adams, wreak havoc on an offense. The Jets now have two players outside of the traditional edge rush who can get after opposing quarterbacks.

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Who needs an edge rusher?

Having an edge rusher is great, but maybe the addition of Davis adds more to the table than an edge rusher. Having two guys like Davis and Adams could be just what the doctor ordered, in terms of non-traditional defense. What if this changes things in terms of positional needs? Do they even need an edge rusher now that they have two guys that can rush the passer from a multitude of positions?

Jets remaining needs

The Jets still could use some help on the interior offensive line, corner, and at wide receiver. Helping Sam Darnold should be the focus of the remaining draft. This also includes potentially taking a punter at some point to help flip the field.

Joe Douglas is doing an amazing job so far filling the needs, and we should fully expect this to continue.

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