Winning in the off-season doesn’t always translate into more wins during the season, but the draft is a time where teams can build the foundation for long-term success.

The Washington Redskins head into tonight’s draft with the second overall pick, in addition to six more later round picks. There are many different ways the Redskins can approach this draft, but it will be crucial that the team adds play makers and character guys in order to continue Ron Rivera’s rebuilding schedule. Here are my three things the Redskins can do to come out of the draft with a better team.

1. Select Chase Young

If I were Ron Rivera and company, I would have filled out the draft card minutes after Young declared for the draft. The former Ohio State Buckeye is easily the best overall talent in the draft, and he will be an immediate boost to an already stacked front seven. Young will be a perfect counterpart to second year pass rusher Montez Sweat. If Young can help bolster the pass rush as much as people he can, it will greatly help out the Redskins young secondary, and benefit the defense as a whole.

2. Recoup a 2nd round pick

The Redskins traded away their 2020 second round pick last year, in order to select Montez Sweat. It was a savvy move by Washington’s front office, and Sweat is definitely in the franchise’s long-term plans, so I’m not advocating against the trade. However, this years draft contains an abundance of talented players, and a second round player in this draft could be viewed as a first round talent in another draft. The most ideal way to acquire a second round selection would be to deal troubled Tackle Trent Williams, but that’s a messy situation that I won’t count on. Washington doesn’t necessarily need to add a pick in the second round to save its draft class, but adding a selection can only benefit the team.

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3. Add a Tight end

The one position that is clearly lacking depth on the roster is Tight End. One prospect I would take a look at would be Albert Okwuegbunam out of Missouri. Okwuegbunam ran the fastest 40-yard dash at the combine, putting up a time of 4.49 seconds. Standing at 6’5 feet tall, he would pose a threat to opposing defenses and potentially be a safety net for young quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Another Tight End I would consider is Dalton Keene out of Virginia Tech. Keene can play a bevy of different positions on offense, including fullback and slot receiver, providing flexibility for first year offensive coordinator Scott Turner. Keene will also most likely be a day three pick, so the Redskins will have a legitimate shot at snagging him.

If the Redskins come through on even one of these three objectives, it will be a pretty solid draft for the team. I’m looking forward to seeing how the team handles this years unique draft, in terms of talent and circumstances given the national state of quarantine.

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