NAME: K.J. Hill

POSITION: Wide Receiver

SCHOOL: (The) Ohio State University

HEIGHT: 6’0″



K.J. Hill is one of the best route runners in the draft. He’s a smart player who knows how to find separation on every route. Route technicians seem to always find their place in the league. Take Amari Cooper, for example. He’s not the fastest, and he doesn’t have elite hands, but his routes are crisp and precise, which leads to easier catches and higher production. Hill would be a steal on day three for any team wanting a productive receiver who knows how to get open.


As previously mentioned, Hill is a route technician. He understands how to separate from the defender. This is likely because of both his experience and his relative lack of athleticism. He uses the tools available to him in order to be a sure-handed receiver. Hill’s routes are smooth and sharp, and he’s always finding yards after the catch as well.


Hill’s hands are soft and consistent. He has the ability to make some impressive catches. He isn’t the best at catching jump balls or catches in traffic, but he will rarely need to with his superb route running.

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Football IQ

Most of Hill’s gameplay can be credited to his football intelligence. The knowledge to understand when to break off his route and where to run helps him gain an advantage over the defender. He takes superior angles after the catch. He’s not the fastest, but he understands how the game of football works. He’ll be able to pick up a few extra yards per play, too.


Hill won’t be considered a deep threat in the NFL, but he has the necessary juice to make a few defenders fall behind. He speed is average: nothing to hate, but nothing to love.

Colts Fit

Chris Ballard has spoken on how important the Senior Bowl is to scouting players. Hill stood out to scouts with his separation ability in Mobile. Overall, Hill is a smart route-runner who knows how to find separation and can do it against the best defenders. Hill also has reliably good hands. He relies on technique, his routes, and his safe hands to get the job done. The former Buckeye would be a solid pick for the Colts on day three, reuniting him with teammate Parris Campbell.

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