With the 163rd overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears once again go to the cornerback well by selecting Kindle Vildor.

Well, the Chicago Bears once again make a head-scratching move. With the 163rd overall pick, they select their second cornerback in the 2020 NFL Draft.

It seems that general manager Ryan Pace loves him some cornerbacks. He picked four cornerbacks in the past two drafts. Last year, he picked Duke Shelley and Stephen Denmark. Earlier in this draft, he drafted Jaylon Johnson and now Kindle Vildor.

Vildor is a little small, measuring 5-foot-10, and weighs 191 pounds. However, he plays bigger than his size. He recorded nine career interceptions. He is an attacking cornerback but his iffy tackling hurts that skill. What helps him is his long arms (32.25 inches) and big hands (9 and 5/8 inches) for a corner. Those attributes help him knock the ball out or intercept it. Also, he has the athleticism to keep up with receivers on breaks.

Vildor communicates well with safeties on passing receivers. Additionally, he takes good angles on ball carriers.

Vildor is more quick than he is fast. He needs to use his feel for the game to anticipate the route. Also, he doesn’t provide much run support. He usually just waits for the ball carrier to hit him instead of attacking the way he does against the pass.

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As I mentioned, this was an unusual pick for the Chicago Bears. They already picked Johnson and he’ll be a good player. With that pick, they now have Shelley, Denmark, Artie Burns, Jaylon Johnson, Kevin Toliver, and Tre Roberson battling for the starting spot left unoccupied by the team parting ways with Prince Amukamara.

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The Bears already have a good competition going on without adding another player to the mix. They have other areas of concern without big competition that need to be filled. The draft started with them needing a starting-caliber safety and that need is still there. Also, they need a wide receiver who can help on offense. Stacking up cornerbacks isn’t helping that.

Yes, the same could be said about the tight end spot but that is different. While the Bears have 10 tight ends, expect most of them to be cut and others to play on special teams and see no time at tight end. Jimmy Graham, Demetrius Harris, and Cole Kmet will be the primary players. In 2021, however, don’t expect Graham to be there. He’s on this team to help Kmet develop.

Vildor likely becomes a backup in the NFL. He is a backup the Chicago Bears don’t need.

Grade: D. There is no need for an average, backup at best cornerback. The Bears have a couple of them already.

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