Somebody call the police because Howie Roseman just committed a robbery. With the 210th pick, the Eagles snagged Auburn OT Prince Tega Wanogho, a solid prospect from a stacked OT class. Wanogho, who was born in Nigeria and immigrated to America to play basketball, picked up football late but was transformed from a very raw player to a refined, incredibly athletic lineman at Auburn. With his large frame, quick feet, and excellent athleticism. This pick was a no-brainer for Philly in the sixth round.

Let’s Talk About the Physicals

Wanogho is quite a large human standing at 6′ 5″ and 308 pounds. However, his size isn’t anything that stands out among other OT’s in the NFL. In fact, one of the few knocks on him was his arm length is short compared to his frame. However, what isn’t average is his athleticism. Wanogho has incredibly quick feet from years of playing basketball and soccer. This allows him to stick with even the fastest of speed rushers and keeps him in a good position at all times. It also gives him versatility as an interior lineman as he’s able to pull and get to the second level with ease. He’s a prospect who, although still not completely refined, has the athleticism to succeed at the NFL level.

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Talk About a Steal

Personally, I saw Wanogho as a third-round talent. Many draft analysts agreed. had him as a borderline starting-caliber player, and I think that makes a lot of sense. What doesn’t make sense is how he fell to the end of the sixth round. This is a pick that, especially after the drafting of Jack Driscoll, flew over a lot of people’s heads. For Wanogho to fall to Philadelphia at pick 210 is a blessing and will help solidify the Eagle o-line for years. Get hyped Philly, because this is one of the biggest steals of the draft.

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