With the 103rd pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select OLB Davion Taylor, Colorado. A move some may view as too little too late is just what the Eagles needed to close out Day 2 of the Draft.

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Standing at 6’0 225 lbs, Taylor is slightly undersized, but more than makes up for it with his sheer speed and power. Taylor excels at tracking down runners and wrapping up with near-perfect form. There are very few players that make it past him. He is a hard-hitting linebacker who never quits on a play. A high motored athlete might be the spark the Eagles linebacker room desperately needed. However, it takes more than raw athleticism to succeed in this league. For Davion Taylor to find the most success, he will need special grooming at the outside position. His coverage skills and ability to stop the run could use some improvement. However, for an athlete of Taylor’s caliber, the ceiling is incredibly high. A project linebacker for sure, but he could prove to be the exact player the Eagles were searching for all along. Regardless, the Eagles made a solid move to add depth to a position severely lacking. They suffered a few losses in the offseason, notably starting LB Nigel Bradham. The Eagles needed a fast, aggressive linebacker who can properly wrap up, and there is a good chance Taylor can be their solution for seasons to come.

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